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  • Fri 27 Mar 2015 19:32

    Hello again! 

    We have received a response from the Registry that they anticipate a one or two day delay in the release of exam timetables with regard to the original deadline. They will keep us updated, and there may not be a delay at all but they are pre-empting a delay.

    I appreciate that this is a major inconvenience and cause of stress given that exams aren’t far away at all, and again stress how unacceptable this is given it is the second year that this has happened. For an institution that claims to be world leading, this is not world leading service. The provision of exam timetables in a timely fashion is a basic service that should happen seamlessly and without duress to students. 

    If you would like to raise this further, I encourage you all to write to the Director Craig Calhoun. Suggested text below to

    “Dear Professor Calhoun,

    As a student at LSE I was disappointed to receive an email from LSE informing me that my exam timetable would be released late. Exam timetables are already released later than I would prefer, giving us little time to organise revision over the Easter period. 

    Now, it seems that LSE cannot even meet its own deadline which it has set. 

    Would you please be able to explain why this has happened for the second year in a row? 

    Could you please explain why LSE is unable to meet a deadline it has set itself? 

    Can you please outline what compensatory actions will be taken by the School to address the stress caused by this, as well as the impact this has on international students planning on booking flights? 

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Yours sincerely, 


    We will continue to update you with any further information on this matter. 


    LSESU General Secretary 2014-16

  • Fri 27 Mar 2015 17:05

    Hi everyone!

    I hope you all enjoyed Lent Term and the craziness happening throughout campus. Wanted to update you on what happened at NUS Postgraduate Conference.


    I went to the National Union of Students (NUS) Postgraduate Conference at the end of February, this is where Postgraduate Officers from across the country gather and discuss what NUS should be campaigning on for the next year for Postgraduates. It was in Milton Keynes and lasted two days, with various workshops, motions and social events.

    One of the main areas discussed was Postgraduate Taught funding, which I’ve been campaigning for with the Financial Support Office here at LSE. We passed a motion which challenges the current settlement on postgraduate taught funding that the government has proposed, in particular to lobby for the funding shifted from the Undergraduate scholarship Programme to the Postgraduate Support Scheme to remain recurring and be used to fund scholarships for students from underrepresented groups. In conjunction I wrote another motion which was to work with groups such as Aim Higher and UUK to promote postgraduate education to students from poor socio-economic backgrounds. I think it’s vital that students up and down the country are not put off by the price tag of postgraduate education, as it is an excellent opportunity for specialization in the respective fields. Additionally we also passed policy on making funding accessible for mature students and living grants to be more widely accessible.

    I’m also delighted to announce that I was elected on to National Executive Council (NEC) of the NUS, as Postgraduate Taught representative. What this means is that for one year I will represent and campaign for postgraduate taught students nationally. There are a range of issues that I have seen affect postgrads, and I can’t reiterate the importance of accessibility – it is one of the main things I will be campaigning for in this new role. If you would like to know more about what happened at the conference please feel free to contact me on!

    Mahamid Ahmed

    LSE SU Postgraduate Students’ Officer

  • Fri 27 Mar 2015 16:56

    We have been made aware of the delay to exam timetables being released by the School. Following the delay last year in the release of timetables, we met with the Academic Registrar to emphasise the importance of the timeliness of timetables and were assured that there would not be a repeat of this.

    Disappointingly, this has not happened this year. We are currently in contact with the registry regarding this and are putting utmost pressure on them to resolve this as soon as possible, as well as asking what compensation can be delivered to students for the distress caused.

    We will keep students updated with these discussions.


    LSESU General Secretary