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  • Sun 23 Nov 2014 18:49

    What have you been up to? 


    Share your story with the world…


    Imagine what LSE would be like if you were the only student here: your footsteps echoing down empty corridors, sitting in vast lecture halls with only a tutor for company, playing sport against a wall, debating politics with your own reflection…


    Whether you’re super outgoing or selective with how you socialise, the people around you have a big effect on how fun uni is. And you have a big effect on them.

    Sometimes meeting like-minded people is hard though. That’s where LSESU Stories comes in: a carefully curated space on our social media where you can spread the word about the experiences you’ve had and activities you love, so that others can join you.

    Maybe your journey to LSE has been full of hurdles; maybe you’re an avid beekeeper and want to wax lyrical about it; maybe your study group has a method that can rescue last-minute essays; maybe you want to introduce people to a sport you love.

    If you’ve run an event and want to tell us how it went, now you can! Every entry will inform LSESU’s mission to make your student experience as ace as possible.


    Awesome stories are going to turn up…

    …on LSESU’s Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and our weekly all-student email newsletters. They’ll be read by hundreds of other students! If this happens, we’ll be sure to give you a heads up. 

    Get writing! S
    ubmit your story today!

    Just send over a few words on what you’d like to tell others about.

    • Explain why you love it, or what you learned

    • Tell us what you think other students will love about it

    • Include some pictures! They’re our fave thing. You and your friends having a good time - hell yes.


    Sling the above info at this email address: We’ll be reading every submission (if your submission is, y’know, actually a story)!

    Got a question? Just drop an email to the same address,!

    Happy writing! We’re looking forward to reading them. 

  • Sun 23 Nov 2014 13:01

    You’ll never know unless you try!


    We have an exciting opportunity coming up next week – the trial sessions for the University Challenge LSE Team. It could be you showing Oxbridge who’s boss. 

    The University Challenge team selection process will be done in 2 stages. 

    Stage 1: Drop-in Trial Sessions

    We have 3 drop-in Trial Sessions across Monday and Tuesday next week. In these sessions you’ll face a written time trial: 30 University Challenge-graded questions that you’ll need to answer as quickly as possible. The 8 top performing students will move onto the next stage.

    The drop-in sessions are:

    Stage 2: University Challenge Quiz

    The second and final round of the selection process is a live University Challenge simulation! This is a mock version of the real show, complete with buzzers. The 8 candidates from Stage 1 will be divided into two teams, and answer questions head-to-head in front of an audience.

    The quiz will be held:

    • Monday 1st December, 2pm  3pm, The Venue, Saw Swee Hock Student Centre

    The 5 top performing students from across the teams will be chosen to devastate Oxbridge on University Challenge.

    It could be you! Come to a Trial Session next week and see if you’ve got what it takes. Good luck!



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    Get some tips! Watch previous LSE teams on Youtube 

  • Sat 22 Nov 2014 17:01

    Introducing… LSE’s first student-run Graduation Ball Committee!


    Love throwing parties? Know what makes a good night? We need you!
    This year, LSESU is hiring a student committee to make the Graduation Ball the best it has ever been. This is the year the Grad Ball gets EPIC. 
    To all our party animals: this is your invitation to step up, your chance to show the student body what an LSE party really means! It could be mindblowing - we need YOU to make it that way. 
    How can you apply?
    Read the job description, fill in the application form and Equal Opportunities form, and send to before 5pm on 1st December. Or check out If you have any questions contact Ian Kinnear.

    Can’t wait to meet you!
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