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Your Sabbatical Officers

Nona Buckley-Irvine

General Secretary

Katie Budd

Activities and Development Officer

Aysha Fekaiki

Community and Welfare Officer

Jon Foster

Education Officer

LSESU - Our Year 2014-15



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  • Fri 02 Oct 2015 14:37

    As a student, it’s really important to prioritise your own wellbeing so that you stay healthy while you study. There are plenty of sources for help around the School, and the students’ union can also provide you with guidance.

    Whether you’re looking for a quick chat with someone for advice, or a longer, more meaningful help session, this directory can point you in the right place. Whether you need a boost to your educational, emotional, financial or physical wellbeing, or you just want to chat with one of the Sabbs, here’s your starting point.



    Sabbatical Officers Your 2015-16 elected team, made up of Nona (General Secretary), Jon (Education Officer), Aysha (Community and Welfare Officer), and Katie (Activities and Development Officer), are available to talk to you about any issues or concerns you may have about the School, the SU or beyond.

    Click through the links for contact details. Alternatively, you can pop in at any time to see them - they’re working in the 3rd floor office at the SU.


    Part-Time Officers These reps have slightly more specific roles but they can still help you out when you need it.

    Drop them an email if you have any comments - they’d love to hear from you!

    LSE Disability & Wellbeing Service

    The team can provide help on a range of issues including ‘Equality, Diversity and Inclusion’, finance, and 'Disclosing Your Disability’. They can also arrange ISSAs (Individual Student School Agreements) which can then be used to help you manage your condition whilst you learn.



    Academic Advisers These are assigned to new students and you will have one for the duration of your course. You can talk to them about any problems or queries you may have regarding your education, or your career beyond the School. Appointments are usually made via the 'Office Hours’ button on LSEForYou.

    LSE Careers Service Floor 5, Saw Swee Hock Student Centre, 1 Sheffield Street, London, WC2A 2AP. 020 7955 7135. Twitter: @LSECareers. Facebook: LSE Careers.

    Contact them for careers appointments, advice and coaching. You can also take a look on LSE’s Career Hub for details of upcoming events and opportunities.

    Teaching and Learning Centre 5th floor, 20 Kingsway (entrance opposite the Peacock Theatre), Houghton Street, London, WC2A 2AE. 020 7852 3627 Twitter: @LSETLC.

    They run training courses to help improve your learning. There’s also a huge amount of resources on the website including podcasts and booklets to download.



    LSE Faith Centre London School of Economics, Houghton Street, London, WC2A 2AE. 020 7955 7965. Twitter: @LSEFaithCentre. Facebook: LSE Faith Centre.

    A place for reflection in the LSESU building with a gorgeous glass window inspired by the desert. You can visit at any time and they run courses on topics such as mindfulness and leadership.


    Student Counselling Service Teaching and Learning Centre, KSW.507 (20 Kingsway), London School of Economics, Houghton Street, London, WC2A 2AE. 020 7582 3627.

    A place to go if you need help, or you’re concerned about a friend.



    Housing and Finance

    LSESU Advice Service 3rd Floor of the Saw Swee Hock Student Centre. 020 7955 7158.

    Drop in sessions take place between 11am and 1pm each day. They can represent you on LSE academic policies, provide confidential advice and guidance, and give you help with applying for the hardship funds available.

    LSE Residential Wardens usually live in halls of residence and are available to contact if you have problems about where you’re living. You can look up the right person for your hall on the LSE website or you can speak to reception in the building.



    Doctors Surgery St Philips’ Medical Centre: Floor 2, Tower 3, Clement’s Inn, London WC2A 2AZ. Call 020 7611 5131 to register or make an appointment.

    You are welcome to register at a GP surgery near to where you’ll be living or you can sign up at this medical centre on campus. You will need to register before you can make an appointment.


    Dentist Sardinia House Dental Practice, 4th Floor Sardinia House, 52 Sardinia Street, London WC2A 3LZ

    Dental treatment can be costly so have a look at available options available with the NHS if applicable. This practice also offers dental discounts for LSE students.

    LSE Treatment Clinic LSE Treatment Clinic, 1st Floor, Tower 2, Clements Inn, London, WC2A 2AZ. You can find more information, and book an appointment, online here:

    They look after patients with problems related to musculoskeletal pains, tension headaches, poor posture, sports injuries, anxiety, stress.

    LSESU Gym is located on the 4th Floor of the SU building. Fees start at £5 a day and go up to £220 a year for LSE students. Further details can be found here:

    Membership is capped so join early in the year to avoid disappointment!



     If you have any further questions then feel free to email

  • Fri 02 Oct 2015 12:59

    LSE is holding an open consultation with students and staff as part of their final decision on Socially Responsible Investments. After two years of intense campaigning from students and LSESU, they are closer than ever to divesting from fossil fuels. 


    The Town Hall meeting will be followed by a meeting of the Socially Responsible Investment review group which myself and Katie Budd, Activities and Development Officer, sit on. 

    LSE will be consulting on your views with respect to:

    1. Divestment from fossil fuels
    2. Divestment from tobacco and armaments
    3. How LSE can make a tangible impact on climate change through its endowment 

    This is our opportunity to ensure LSE joins institutions such as Warwick, Glasgow and Edinburgh University who have already succeeded in similar movements. If you care, it is vitally important that make your voice heard, as it is the only way of demonstrating the scale of student demand for an ethically responsible LSE.

    • Date: Monday 5th October 2015
    • Time: 4.00pm till 5.30pm
    • Location: Shaw Library (6th floor of Old Building) 

    If you can’t make it, submit your thoughts to

    For more information, contact LSE Divest via Facebook or 

    See you there!

    Nona Buckley-Irvine and Elena Bignami
    LSESU General Secretary and Environment and Ethics Officer

  • Thu 01 Oct 2015 15:34

    Should LSESU support the 4th November student demonstration, calling for free education and living grants for all


    At the first Union General Meeting (UGM) of the year, all LSE students are invited to debate this motion above, and to vote on it according to their opinion.

    The Union General Meeting itself will take place from 1-2 pm in the Denning Learning Cafe, First Floor, Saw Swee Hock Student Centre (please note the change of location from last year). Read on for a full outline of the motion, plus details on the proposer and seconder.

    Not sure what a UGM is? This blog explains them.

    To submit a motion, or speak for or against this motion, please email This motion will be debated at the UGM and then opened to public vote. Place a vote at between 2pm on Thursday 8th October and 5pm on Friday 9th October.

    Should LSESU support the 4th November student demonstration calling for free education and living grants for all?

    Joey Davison

    Lydia Hughes

    This Union notes

    1. The emergency budget passed on July 8.

    2. That because of the cuts to Maintenance Grants announced here, students from the poorest families are likely to graduate with £51,000 of debt.

    3. That because of the restructuring of student loan repayments, those who begin to work on the average LSE starting salary will repay £6,000 more of their loans - but not repay the entire amount within the allotted time.

    4. Furthermore, as shown in the above link, those who enter graduate employment with significantly higher salary bands will pay less than under the current system, as they will pay their loans back swiftly.

    5. This gives those on lower wages a significantly greater repayment burden.

    6. The current HE funding system is neither robust, nor sustainable: the RAB charge has hit 45%, meaning that the current funding system costs the government roughly the same as that pre-2012 and that a “funding black hole” is emerging, and has been for some time.

    7. That NUS conference 2015 voted to campaign for free education, the creation of jobs with a living wage and security, an end to cuts and rebuilding public services funded by taxing the rich, business and the banks.

    8. That it is predicted that 34bn pounds of tax was dodged in the UK last year.

    9. That LSESU is a constituent member of NUS, and should use its part of this national platform to campaign with then for free education

    10. That a coalition of student unions and student campaigns, supported by NUS, are organising a national demonstration on 4 November under the slogan “Free education and Living Grants for all: No Barriers, No Borders, No Business” and under the hashtag #grantsnotdebt.

    11. That LSESU passed a motion to support Free Education on 23/1/2015 “To make support for free education an official position of LSESU and a central campaigning priority of the union nationally in the fight against fees and debt”

    This Union believes

    1. Immediately after the General Election, there are clear opportunities to make substantial gains for students, if we put out a clear message and mobilise a movement

    2. The scrapping of maintenance grants will affect poorest students the most and it is vital that we build a mass movement to fight these cuts.

    3. That supporting the Nov 4th demonstration and other proposed campaigning is directly in line with the “LSESU should support Free Education” motion passed 23/01/2015

    This Union resolves

    1. To campaign on these themes over the next year arguing for “Free education funded by raising income taxes on the highest earners and clamping down on tax avoidance” and for “#grantsnotdebt".

    2. To support the national student demonstration on November 4 and mobilise LSE students. As a bare minimum this should include publicising it on the LSE website at least a few weeks in advance, including it in an all students mailout, organising a “LSE students go to the national demo” Facebook event, organising a related event in the week before the demo (such as a free education discussion or a free education banner making workshop or a Know your rights workshop) and generally using the student union social media to raise awareness among LSE students for the demo.

    3. To also emphasise how cuts, unemployment and debt hit the most oppressed hardest, and the liberation aspect of these policies.


    Summer Budget: