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  • Fri 30 Jan 2015 20:33

    Yesterday we received several complaints regarding an event held on Tuesday evening by the Feminist Society and Palestine Society.

    We are currently investigating these complaints in line with our procedures, and the investigation will continue on Monday.

    We would like to make clear that while this investigation is underway, the Union will remain neutral in statements to ensure that we do not prejudge the outcome of any investigation.

    We appreciate that this topic is sensitive for many. We are committed to good campus relations and safeguarding our members. We encourage active participation in maintaining good campus relations while this investigation is underway.


    The Sabbatical Team

  • Fri 30 Jan 2015 16:52

    Our Sports Ambassadors are talented athletes who represent their country at international level or are involved in national development squads or trialling processes. 

    Right now the criteria for the scheme is under consideration - it might be offered to athletes who compete at regional level. If that’s you, get in touch! It could make a huge difference to your life and your studies. 

    Read on for a quick look at some of the students it has helped so far…

    The scheme was set up by student Ollie Cook to support students competing at high levels in sport, giving them resources to fulfil both their academic and sporting potential. 

    'The University didn’t have the awareness to provide a support framework for these students. A bit of money from the university would have met those costs and that would have been a worry I could forget about and instead of spending that time working out how to get it; I could have concentrated on my work or on my sport.'


    Ollie Cook

    Whilst still at school Ollie was advised against studying at LSE if he wanted to pursue sport at a high level. “I was told by a teacher at school that because I had an interest in sport I really wouldn’t be successful at LSE… I definitely didn’t want to give up rowing as a sport. I knew I hadn’t got to as good as I wanted to be. I didn’t want to give it up because I couldn’t afford it at University.’

    Ollie is now part of the 16-man senior Great Britain rowing squad. Last year he was captain of the University of London boat club (ULBC), won Henley Royal Regatta, Men’s Head of the River, and won the national U23 trials.

    Read more about Ollie in our post about the Sport Ambassador scheme.


    Marcus Mepstead

    Marcus (who’s posing for Getty Images ahead of the Beazley International Fencing Challenge in April 2014 above) has competed at an international level since the age of 13, representing GBR in consecutive World and European championships for the past decade. He is currently on UKSport’s World Class Performance Programme for 2016 with the aim of qualifying and winning a gold medal at the Olympic Games in Rio.

    Read more in an interview with Marcus on the Beazley website.


    Chris Anguelov

    Chris is a tennis player with an ATP ranking of 1916. He is ranked 15th in his home country of Bulgaria, and stunningly has been undefeated in all his uni matches. He’s working to achieve several goals with the Sports Ambassador scheme: to represent Bulgaria in the Davis Cup, to be listed in the top 100 ATP, and to compete in all four Grand Slams.

    Do you compete at regional level?

    The Sports Ambassador scheme may be widening its remit to support students who compete at regional level in sports. If you’re interested in being part of it, email or see for more details.

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  • Fri 30 Jan 2015 12:00

    Following the UGM yesterday, the below amendments were made to the motions submitted:


    1. The motion ‘LSESU Should Say No to Violence in Solidarity with Charlie Hebdo’ has been renamed ‘LSESU should condemn violence in solidarity with the victims of the Charlie Hebdo attack’.

    2. In the same motion, the line 'Charlie Hebdo is a left-wing, anti-racist magazine with a string tradition of speaking up' is now amended to 'Charlie Hebdo has a strong tradition of speaking up'.

    Voting on these motions will close at 5pm today: