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  • Wed 27 Apr 2016 10:00

    Four cute penguins are chilling around campus.

    To celebrate the start of De-Stress Fest, our biggest ever celebration of chill, which begins tomorrow (Thursday 28th April), we’re giving a free smoothie to everyone who finds one. 

    Take a selfie and tweet it using ‪#‎suchchill‬ to get yours!

  • Tue 26 Apr 2016 17:21

    Tomorrow (27th April 2016) the First Floor Cafe (Denning Learning Cafe) and Sixth Floor Cafe (Weston Cafe) in the Saw Swee Hock Student Centre will be closed all day, as the staff team will be on their annual Away Day.

    LSESU Reception (Third Floor, Saw Swee Hock Student Centre) will also be closed all day. The Gym and SU Shop will be open as normal, and the Three Tuns will be open late afternoon. 

    We’re sorry for any inconvenience this causes. All our services will be open as usual from Thursday 28th April 2016. 

  • Tue 26 Apr 2016 12:12

    In January, LSESU became the first student body to vote on its official stance towards the UK’s membership of the EU (European Union). I was personally delighted that 91% of the voter turnout (nearly 400 students) was in favour of the UGM motion: it means that, in the coming weeks, LSESU can actively encourage LSE students to vote to remain.

    We believe our society is stronger because of our membership of the European Union. The EU has changed lives, improved our rights both at home and at work, given young people opportunities and made LSE stronger. 

    What the EU has done for us is brilliant, and although it does need to change and evolve, I will proudly vote in favour of staying in the EU on 23rd June.

    Here’s why.

    • Our lives are better because of the European Union. Freedom to study, live and work anywhere in Europe. Paid maternity leave. Guaranteed holiday leave. Equal pay legislation. Easier holidays. Cheaper phone bills. Even our beaches and the sea are cleaner. We have better lives, we have a safer continent, and we’re able to part of something that is changing society for the better.
    • LSE is stronger because of the European Union. It gets funding that simply wouldn’t be allocated if we were to leave - the 20% of LSE students who come from the EU are able to pay the same fees as if they were from the UK. 
    • With 32% of LSE academic staff from the EU, we get better teaching, curriculums that are diverse and diverse module choices. Being part of the EU means LSE students get opportunities to study in different cultures through the 38 universities that are members of the Erasmus Scheme. 
    • With supporters of the EU such as Universities UK, The National Union of Students, HSBC, Credit Suisse, BP, Ryanair, the Trades Union Congress - the choice is clear. Interests differ but all agree that we should vote to remain part of the EU on 23rd June. 
    • Of course, the EU needs to change. But so does the UN, IMF and even the Houses of Parliament. We won’t make the UK or EU better by leaving – we should be fighting for our vision of what the EU could be. 
    • We need to be united in order to fight the issues that have a cross-Europe impact. With the rise of antisemitism and Islamophobia, there’s the refugee crisis and there’s global economic and political insecurity. There’s also climate change, which threatens the existence of all future generations - but through the EU, we have been able to commit to more radical changes to try and preserve our environment. 
    • We are better united, not divided. It is clear that the EU has an overwhelmingly positive impact on our lives and wider society. So join me in voting to remain part of the EU on 23rd June. 

    What you can do

    If you’re from the UK, Ireland or a commonwealth country (such as Canada, India, Malaysia, Pakistan or Singapore) make sure you are registered to vote and vote for the UK to stay in the EU on 23rd June.

    Find a way to support the LSE in EU campaign.

    Check out all of LSE’s coverage on the Brexit Vote blog.