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Graduation 2014


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  • Fri 22 Aug 2014 12:04


    Orientation Week is all about finding your feet, getting involved, making friends and feeling at ease about the coming year. Whether you’re a new student or not, it’s the best way to kick things off.

    Our amazing schedule of events lets you can do just that. The action starts in early September and continues far beyond…

    Our special highlight will be a huge welcome event on the 29th September – but that’s in addition to pizza parties for students living at home, tea parties for international students, coffee mornings for students with children, opportunities for you to meet this year’s Sabbatical Officers and so much more.

    More details will be coming soon, so keep an eye out for them here.

    Can’t wait? Nor can we!

  • Thu 21 Aug 2014 14:00


    Access arrangements on the main School campus on Monday 25th August

    Undergraduate students

    Except for the LSE Library, there will be no access for undergraduate students to any other LSE building.

    Postgraduate students

    Based on their current level of access, postgraduates will be able to gain entry to School buildings between 8am - 7pm on production/use of the LSE ID card.

    LSE Library opening hours

    The LSE Library will be open from 11am-10pm.


    Emergencies will be dealt with by a team of Security staff on duty at the Old Building reception desk, Houghton Street. You can also contact Security by calling 020 7955 6555.

    Halls of Residences

    Halls of Residences are open throughout with staff cover as normal over the closure period.

    Bankside, High Holborn, Grosvenor and Northumberland Houses are all open for vacation visitors as well as the three halls in the north - Rosebery, Passfield and Carr Saunders.

    Single rates start at £45 B&B, twins and doubles from £60 B&B - staff and students get a 10% discount. Book online

  • Tue 19 Aug 2014 11:00


    Booked your stall yet for Orientation 2014? Want to know what dates the Freshers’ Fair is taking place this year? Get the lowdown on what LSESU has planned for new LSE students (and current students too!) and what your society or club needs to do in advance:

    Freshers’ stalls

    We’re excited to announce that this year’s Freshers Fair will take place in the Saw Swee Hock Student Centre. As this is our first Orientation in our new building, we need to know how many stalls we can put inside - the only way societies and clubs can be guaranteed a stall is by going to to fill out a Freshers’ stall booking form AND the Freshers’ stall holders agreement by Friday 29th August. If you do not fill both of these forms before this date, we won’t be able to allocate you a stall.

    Freshers’ Fair

    It’s happening on Thursday 2nd October and Friday 3rd October. Please ensure you have people available from your society/club to manage your stalls.

    Freshers’ Briefing

    We require at least one member of each society/club who wants to be at the stall to attend the Freshers’ briefing on Monday 29th September to go over everything you will need for Freshers’. It is compulsory to attend so please make sure one of your members can make it.

    STARS Awards Winners

    If you won a STARS awards last year you will be getting priority placement at Freshers’. STARS awards winners also receive money for Freshers’ (up to £100 for Gold, and £50 for silver). To use this money, all you have to do is reclaim the money in the usual way, but remember to put STARS awards on the claim form, and we will ensure your society/club isn’t charged for this.

    Post and parcels for Freshers’

    You are of course welcome to send big parcels and post to LSESU, but please be aware that we do have limited storage space. If you are wanting to get post delivered to us, please ensure that you check with Iain Pullar,, and get it delivered AFTER 29th September. If it is delivered before this date, we will have nowhere to store it.

    Give it a Go

    We are doing Give it a Go again this year in the first few weeks of term, which is your opportunity to showcase what your society/club can do to brand new students. We want societies and clubs to run taster sessions at the start of term. The Students’ Union will help support you in doing this. If you are at all interested in doing Give it a Go session, contact Iain Pullar.

    Membership expiry dates

    Please be aware that members expire on 31st August and so from 1st September, every member of your society/club (including committee members) will need to buy new memberships online or in Students’ Union. It means all your mailing lists and data will be empty, so please tell all your society members before.