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We know, it's a daft name. You can blame George Bernard Shaw for that.


It was Shaw who christened ‘The Beaver’ back in May 1949, and over more than sixty years we've picked up quite a reputation for beating a decisive and objective path through the forest of student politics, School scandals and society achievements.


In our archives you can find the past issues that charted the student-led occupation of 1968, the protests against wars, and the rapid expansion of the School. Likewise in the newspaper stands of today you'll find many of our former writers in both the by-lines and the stories themselves.


As a new student, your contributions to the Beaver can come via several avenues. You might settle for sending in the occasional Comment piece, venting spleen on your frustrations and concerns. You could pursue a more investigative approach and pen a well-researched Features piece about a global topic that you feel merits greater analysis and debate. If you fancy the true journo lifestyle, join our News team and be on the frontline of goings-on across campus.


We aim to document all facets of the student experience; also nestling in The Beaver are thriving sections for Sport, the community (Social), photography (Photo) and culture. The latter of these occupies its own supplement – PartB - and has featured interviews with such luminaries as food writer Nigel Slater, music critic Simon Reynolds, and the band Alphabeat.



The Beaver presents excellent opportunities for all kinds of students. If you don't feel your strengths lie in writing or photography (though potential contributors need have no prior experience, and breadth of subject matter is encouraged), we also have a strong online presence through our internationally-visited website and Twitter feed.


In addition, our Business and Marketing teams offer an unparalleled experience in running a real-life business - from sourcing sponsorship and advertising to organising promotional and alumni events.


This year The Beaver hopes to expand its readership and engage with a wider variety of students. Whatever your interests, tastes, and other society commitments, there is no better way to express yourself than in our well-thumbed pages.


Perhaps, on second thought, Shaw got it right - we Beavers certainly are industrious and gregarious creatures.




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  • Tue 23 Jun 2015 19:13
    A 250,000-strong demonstration organised by the People’s Assembly Against Austerity marched from the Bank of England to Parliament Square on Saturday, protesting against the Tory government’s planned £12 billion cuts. The march comprised of a number of ‘blocs’, who, after all gathering placards around the Bank of England, marched to Parliament Square; blocs included the Green Party bloc (which I was a  part of), the Class War bloc, the student bloc,...
  • Mon 15 Jun 2015 09:00
    The Beaver is hiring! We will be electing four new positions during elections following a Hustings on Monday 22nd. We will hold the Hustings 32L.B.01 from 5 – 7pm on 22nd June, and there will be refreshments available. Elections will be open online, via, until 4pm on Wednesday 24th. These are the positions available: Executive Editor The Executive Editor is in charge of running The Beaver, and is responsible for the entire...
  • Sun 14 Jun 2015 09:15
    After it was reported 1-in-4 LSE undergraduates pursue careers in finance or management consulting, Grace Burrows, an enterprising third-year Geography student, has decided to buck the trend by launching her own business venture. The English Mineral Make-Up Company, which Grace has founded with her mother Jeanette, offers a luxury range of cosmetics that’s 100% natural and free from cruelty. “My dissertation explored corporate social responsibility in the beauty industry and its...