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Address: London School of Economics and Political Science Students' Union, Saw Swee Hock Student Centre, 1 Sheffield Street, London WC2A 2AP


Phone: 020 7955 7158




Term-time opening hours

Reception Desk: MondayThursday, 9am–5pm | Friday, 9:30am–5pm

Activities Resource Centre: MondayFriday, 11am–4pm

Saw Swee Hock Student Centre: MondaySunday, 7am–10:30pm


How to find us

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Contact List

Nona Buckley-Irvine

General Secretary

Jon Foster

Education Officer

Katie Budd

Activities and Development Officer

Aysha Fekaiki

Community and Welfare Officer

Mahmoud El Ghannam

Postgraduate Students' Officer

Pari Dhillon

Chief Executive

Jarlath O'Hara

Deputy Chief Executive j.o'

Dave Lewis

Director of Membership

Natalie Bhantoa

Office Manager

Josephine Sesay

Executive Assistant

Helen Clarke


Catherine Wakeling

HR Manager

Aisling Wootten

Head of Engagement and Communications

Alex Fulton

Engagement Manager

David Bridson

Engagement Coordinator

Frankie Quinn

Engagement Coordinator

Shernyse Lee

Engagement Coordinator

Jenni Hastings

Advice Manager

Evelyne Little

Student Adviser

Hana Ahmed

Student Adviser

Ricardo Visinho

Student Adviser

Emilie Tapping

Policy and Advocacy Manager

Nicky Pavitt

Academic Representation Manager

Calum Sherwood

Policy Officer

Claire Rackley

Policy Officer

Sophia Gurung

Academic Representation

Alex Bond

Head of Bars and Catering

Nick Minshull

Bars and Catering Manager

Abi Tedder

Events Manager

Ian Kinnear

Events Coordinator

Andy Summers

Retail Manager

Nick Turner

Gym Manager

Denise Heard

Development Manager

Jess Forsyth

Fundraising Coordinator

Aisling Wootten

Head of Engagement and Communications

Suki Ferguson

Communications Manager

Cara Laithwaite

Communications Coordinator

Becky Glass

Communications Coordinator

Joseph Asuquo

Finance Manager

Sian Thurgood

Head of Activities

Heather Carroll

Student Activities Manager

Dave Bradshaw

Societies Development Coordinator

Erin Walters-Williams

Sports Development Coordinator

Laura Foster

Student Opportunities Coordinator

Alex Louch

Online Training Coordinator

Ciara Younge

Student Activities Coordinator

Luke Staples-Preston

LSESU Active LifeStylE Project Manager