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Pakistan Society celebrates the Pakistani way of life and traditions in a culturally diverse student body at the LSE.
Of course, you don’t have to be a Pakistani to join! With a member base of over 250, we arrange exciting events all
year round such as Eid dinners, the year-end boat party, cultural exhibitions and public lectures.
LSE SU Pakistan Society’s aim is to work to encourage a spirit of patriotism among the youth and their development,
promotion of Pakistani culture and heritage and all in all for inspiring a positive change in our youth for the sake of our country.
LSE SU Pakistan Society proudly introduces Pakistani culture and current affairs to one of the most international and
prestigious universities in the world, and to shed light on an immensely vibrant nation back home.
Pakistan Society LSE will always look forward to its followers and well-wishers for their support in its cause in the future.
Highlights of our major events in the previous year:
Live Concert by Quratulain Baloch at LSE (
LSE SU Pakistan Week 2012     (
Ahsan Iqbal on "Post 2013 Elections Pakistan"     (
Ghazal Night     (
STRINGS Concert     (
Pakistan Summer Boat Party 2012     (
Pakistan to Wall Street and back: A personal perspective     (
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Contact phone: +447873559847
LSE SU PAKISTAN WEEK: LSE SU Pakistan Society’s annual flagship event, the LSE SU Pakistan Society Week is the first ever Pakistan oriented series of student events in the UK which has now become one of the biggest South Asian events in the country.
It is a week to satisfy all fascinations, where all students and alumni alike are able to explore Pakistan from a different spectrum with all its breathtaking and tantalizing views, its rich and colourful heritage as prismatic and variegated as the buses that roam its streets. LSE SU Pakistan Week brings with it a fragrance of history, promoting our culture and allowing us an opportunity for effective debate on our country's current state of politics.
For this one of a kind celebration of the Pakistani identity we want you to join us and brace yourself for what is going to be an unforgettable experience.







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