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Understanding the visa rules and regulations can be difficult at times.  However, whilst you are an LSE student there are specialist advisers who can give you the help and support you need.  Or alternatively you can look at the other pages of our website for further information.

International Student Immigration Service (ISIS)


This department is run by the university and has staff who can advise on the student immigration rules.


ISIS can advise you on the following issues: 

·         applying to extend your stay in the UK under Tier 4 (General)

·         switching into Tier 4 from a different category

·         immigration implications if you need to interrupt your studies or retake your exams

·         correcting the end date of your visa if there has been a mistake

·         what to do if your Tier 4 application is returned as invalid or is refused

·         registering with the police

·         what to do if your passport is lost or stolen

·         travelling in and out of the UK

·         Tier 2


For more information see their webpages

Visa Advice


What type of visa do I need to study at LSE?

There is a range of student visas based on the type of application you wish to make.  The most common for LSE students are:


  1. Tier 4 (General)
  2. Student Visitors


Tier 4 General


Tier 4 General is a visa for international students who are enrolled in a full-time course lasting longer than 6 months. With this visa, you can work part-time during term time and full- time during the vacation period. The visa can also be extended if you wish to continue to study in the UK.


Student Visitors Visa


The Students Visitors Visa is a visa for international students who are enrolled on a course shorter than six months. It cannot be extended or switched to another visa category and comes with work restrictions. At LSE, it applies to students attending summer courses or retaking exams.


What are the requirements for the Tier 4 Visa?


The main requirements are:


• Confirmation of Acceptance (CAS)            - 30 points

• Maintenance                                                  - 10 points


What is CAS?


‘Confirmation of Acceptance.’ CAS confirms that a student has an unconditional offer to enroll for studies in a particular institution. It is specific to individual visa applicants and is valid for six months. Applicants will receive the CAS number in a letter or email from the sponsoring institution.  E.g.  LSE.


You can request CAS online from student services.




To qualify for a Tier 4 visa you need to show that you have enough money to pay the full course fees - unless the course is longer than one year, in which case you only need to show that you have enough money to pay the first year’s fees, as well as £1000 for each month of the course. (Maximum of nine months 9 x £1000 = £9000) Therefore if you are a student on a three year course you will have to show that you have the first year's fees plus £9000. 


If you are extending your Tier 4 visa you may be eligible for reduced maintenance. 


How can I extend my Tier 4 Gen visa?


Postal application: This application is sent through the post office or courier service. Make sure you send it by recorded or special delivery. The application fee is  £394.

Premium Application: This application is submitted in person by visiting the UKBA offices. The decision on the application should be made on the same day if the application is straight forward with no complexity. The fee for this application is £716.

Batch Scheme: This is similar to the postal application except in the batch scheme, the university will send the application on your behalf. The fee is £394.


You can book an appointment with the Home Office online 


For the Batch Scheme at LSE, please contact LSE ISIS


How long will the postal or batch application take?


There is no specific time frame, it depends how busy the UKBA is or how complex a case is. The minimum period is six weeks but sometimes it can take more than 12 weeks.


Useful Links.


UKCISA: making a student visa application in the UK 


LSE Internatioal Student Imigration Service (ISIS)

Visa Correction


Visa correction


If  there has been a mistake in the amount of time you have been grated to stay in the UK you may be able to use the Entry Clearance Correction Scheme to amend your visa.


What is Entry Clearance Correction Scheme?


It is a scheme introduced by the UKBA (United Kingdon Border Agency) to correct the mistakes made by embassies and high commissions when granting student visas.


If your visa has NOT been issued for the correct length of time, we may be able to contact the Home Office on your behalf to correct the error.


This scheme applies exclusively to errors in student visas issued before travelling to the UK. It does not apply to visas issued in the UK by the Home Office or Immigration Officer at the port of entry.


This service is free of charge.


Below is a list showing the course duration and the length of visas granted after the course ends.


Course Duration                                Visa to be granted after the course end


12 month course                                                                    4 Months

6 - 12 month course                                                               2 Months

Pre-sessional1 - 6 month course                                         1 months


How can I use the scheme?


If you think you are eligible to use the scheme, please come to speak to one of our advisers. Bring along copies of your passport, student visa and the visa letter used for your visa application.


Once we receive your details, we will forward them to the Home Office. The Home Office will then contact the relevant embassy to determine if a mistake was made in issuing the visa.


When the Embassy acknowledges its mistake, the Home Office will inform our Advice Centre and we will inform you.


In order for the Home Office to endorse your passport with the new correct visa the following documents will be required:


• Passport

• 2 Photographs

• Police registration certificate


How long will the whole process take?


The whole procedure may take 4 to 8 weeks but the passport is usually returned within two weeks of dispatching it to the Home Office for visa endorsement.




Working during your Studies


 Working During Your Studies


If you are studying at LSE on a Tier 4 Student Visa then you will normally have restrictions on the number of hours and type of work you can do.
During term time you are only eligible to work up to a maximum of 20 hours a week. During your holidays you can work full-time. You are also permitted to work full time on a work placement which if it is part of your course.
For information on working in the months after your course has finished please see this section of the ISIS webpages
What type of work can I do?
You can do most kinds of work, but you must not: engage in business, be self-employed or pursue a career by filling a permanent full-time vacancy.
European Economic Area Students
There are no restrictions  for European Economic Area (EEA) students  who are seeking to work either full time or part time. 
However Bulgarian and Romanian nationals studying in the UK must first obtain a registration certificate.  One you have the required documents you are permitted to work 20 hours term time and full time during vacations.

For further information on getting a national insurance number and UK employment rights see the money and work section of the advice pages. 




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