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Latest News

  • Tue 26 Sep 2017 14:56

    “Since being founded in Lent Term this year the LSESU Mature Students Society has gone from strength to strength. 

    It was really important for us to create a space in which mature students (those over 21 when they start their undergraduate programme or over 25 when they start their postgraduate programme) could share experiences. Age does not necessarily dictate how you will experience life at the LSE but the overwhelming feedback that we’ve had from mature students is that their younger cohort sometimes just can’t provide that supportive ear that someone at a similar point in life can. The MSS provides a social network for older students and aims to offer low-commitment relief from the stress of studying, working and caring responsibilities.

    The MSS trip to Cambridge has been a particular highlight this year with 14 students heading to Cambridge for punting, pinicing and a walking tour of the city. It was fantastic for us to be able to take members to another of the UK’s prestigious universities and the weather was glorious. More recently, our end of year picnic was a wonderful opportunity for students to share stories of their time at LSE, as well as feeding back to those who will still be here for the 2017/18 academic year with change they’d like to see whilst enjoying delicious home-made picnic food and some very unexpected sunshine! So many students have told us how glad they are that this network now exists for older students and we feel we’ve built a fantastic community full of wonderful people.

    There’s still a long way to go to make LSE a great place to study as a mature student. Next year the society hopes to liaise better with careers to support career changers and provide a working network for those in different industry, as well as lobbying the school for some simple changes which could really improve the mature student experience and putting on our usual social events.

    We can’t wait to welcome a new cohort of mature students to the university, and the society, in September and look forward to all the opportunities we’ll have to improve the mature student experience.”

    Helen Duffy (MSS President)

  • Mon 25 Sep 2017 12:51

    “Since my first year at LSE, clubs and societies at the Students’ Union have been telling the SU they need a more efficient payment and reimbursement system. Last year a UGM motion was passed stating that LSESU should move to a better system as quickly as possible. 

    As a former club captain, I understand the frustration that delays in reimbursement can cause and in my manifesto, I promised to improve this. Over the summer I have been working hard with the LSESU Activities and Finance teams to deliver the reimbursement app which student groups have needed for so long.

    The app is finally here and ready to use! I know how much of a difference this will make in enabling student groups to run great activities for students and making their lives easier!

    The link to download the app and access the user guide is here

    Treasurers and Club Captains/Presidents: Please attend the start of year briefing on 4th October for more information.”

  • Wed 20 Sep 2017 17:15

    “The Students’ Union this academic year is running a campaign asking LSE to ensure that all students pay the same tuition fees for the entirety of their degree.  International students at LSE have long struggled with their tuition fees increasing from year to year of their study and the SU has campaigned against this. But, recent changes to Higher Education means that LSE can now also increase tuition fees each year for home and EU students.

    Education should always be seen as a right, not a privilege. At a time of rising fees and increasing costs associated with education, the direction our country is taking with respect to education is agonizing. The implementation of the Teaching Excellence Framework also clearly demonstrates the UK government’s unapologetic approach to marketising what should be a critical part of all our lives.

    Universities continue to treat students more and more like consumers involved in a business transaction, and less like partners in the process of education and development. Despite the access difficulty for some, or the multiple thousands of pounds of debt students are riddled with after education, universities continue to exploit the demand for a degree and quietly increase fees. LSE has followed a number of universities around the country and opted to increase its fees for home students.

    At a time of incredibly low student satisfaction at LSE, it is unjustifiable to further increase fees for students. An institution that stands proud in its belief of educating people and being founded for the betterment of society, should be leading the HE sector and publicly rejecing any fee increases for continuing Home and EU students, as well as committing to fix fees for international students.

    Say no to the increase in student fees by signing the following form