Your Lifestyle Programme

What is Your Lifestyle?

Your Lifestyle is a unique wellbeing programme for students who want to improve their mental wellbeing whilst at LSE or who are receiving counselling, considering counselling or using LSESU Advice services.

The programme aims to increase student wellbeing by giving each participants a free Active Lifestyle class pass (normally £15 per term) and allocating each student their own ‘buddy’ who will support in planning individual wellbeing timetables and accompanying students to their fitness classes.

Students take the programme at their own pace, and will be encouraged to meet with their buddy regularly to discuss how things are going. Upon completing the programme, they look at how their wellbeing has improved and can be sustained in the future.

How does it work?

Students who wish to partake in the Your Lifestyle programme will complete a Self-Referral form, along with a pre-programme questionnaire, assessing current activity levels and wellbeing status. Following this, students will be contacted and allocated a buddy, who will arrange to initially meet for a coffee and a good chat. During this meeting, buddies will help students to determine their pre-programme questionnaire results, to create each individual their own Weekly Wellbeing Planner.

Together, buddies and students will decide which Active Lifestyle classes they would like to attend, (with or without buddy support) and how else students can increase their wellbeing week-to-week. Following this, students will meet their buddies again mid-programme to discuss how they’re getting on and how they’re feeling.

On week 8, students will meet their buddy a final time, to discuss their experience of Your Lifestyle and complete a post-programme questionnaire. By this point, students should have a good understanding of their own wellbeing and ways in which they can stay happy and healthy on campus.

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Please only register now if you have been reffered via a meeting with the Counselling or Advice Team

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Support Contacts:

  • Megan Tooth - Project Manager -
  • Connar Walford - Activities Manager -
  • LSE Counselling Service -
  • SU Advice Team