Activities and Development Officer

Julia Ryland



Julia Ryland

Activities and Development Officer 2016–2017


Hi, I’m Julia, and I am the Activities and Development Officer at LSESU.


During my time as an undergraduate at LSE I studied Philosophy, Logic, and Scientific Method - although I probably spent more time getting involved in the Student’s Union!


After joining the Women’s Rugby team in my first year, I eventually became club captain and have been proud to see the club grow and enter our 2XV into a competitive league.


In my third year I was elected Athletic’s Union (AU) President with the promise of increasing inclusivity, diversity and accessibility of the AU through the #AUForALL campaign.


I am always keen to talk to students and hear what you’ve got so say, so whether you are an undergraduate, postgraduate or Phd, please feel free to get in touch or find me in the SU Office on 3rd floor of the Saw Swee Hock.


Get in touch



Ext: 6709


Follow me on Twitter: @juliaryland





All you need is Jules



Your A&D officer should be experienced, inclusive, approachable and make positive progress.

As President of the AU this year, I’ve shown I can do this.

I can do it again for the SU.



Room booking reform

Lobby the school to have a working system.

Demand compensation for the difficulties this year.

Transparent SU processess.

Create a simple guide to SU funding; a breakdown of funding avenues, application processes and example applications.

Create a SU contact guide explaining who to contact for different issues.

More storage space.

More efficient use of current space and more lockers.



Develop the Arts Network

Establish an Arts Network Committee creating a formalised structure.

Make Arts Festival a landmark event with high profile performances.


Develop connections with a London university to establish a competitive sports day.

Improved communications

Society and Club Moodle pages.

Large screen in SU with rolling information.



AUforALL Campaign

Campaign encouraging inclusivity, diversity and female empowerment in sport.

Continue the positive progress made this year.

Postgraduate Integration

Work closely with the Postgraduate officer.

Lobby for flexible Wednesday afternoons.

Saucy review

Receive feedback from LSE students about desired improvements.

Review security.

Extended LSE queue jump.