The SU and STARS Awards recognise the outstanding commitment of LSE students to create the best possible experience for their peers. 



Nominations are now open!

The deadline for nominations is 9am on Thursday, 23rd February (Week 7).


SU Awards 2017


The Students' Union (SU) Awards reward and recognise the best student groups, campaigns and individuals who have contributed to LSESU over the past year or throughout their time here.


 A guide to the criteria can be found here.

You can nominate, friends, groups or even yourself for an SU Award!



Your 2016 Winners 


Campaign Group of the Year

  • Amnesty Society


Activist of the Year

  • Alice Rowland


Most Innovative Campaign

  • Understanding Inequality Group


Undergraduate SSLC Representative

  • Constantin Thierry (Government) [JOINT WINNERS]
  • Joséphine Nordin (Statistics) [JOINT WINNERS]

Postgraduate SSLC Representative

  • PGT: Anita Kiricenko (Philosophy)
  • PGR: Portia Roelofs (International Development)


Best Contribution to Student Fundraising

  • Julia Lawson-Johns


Best Fundraising Project/Event

  • RAG Week 2016


Best Halls Committee

  • Passfield Halls Committee


Best Collaboration

  • Cabaret Musical


The Inclusivity Award

  • Intersectional Feminist Society


Most Improved Club

  • Women’s Basketball


The AU for All Award (formally ‘Best Community Spirit’)

  • Boxing


Active LifeStylE: Best Individual Contribution

  • Conor Rohan


Club of the Year

  • Women’s Rugby


Team of the Year

  • Men’s Table Tennis 1sts


Sportsperson of the Year

  • Typhaine Christiaen


Brian Whitworth Award

  • Hockey Club Committee



Society of the Year

  • Itchy Feet Travel & Backpacking Society [JOINT WINNERS]
  • Drama Society [JOINT WINNERS]


Best New Society

  • ASEAN Society


Best Society Event

  • What it means to be an Intersectional Feminist [JOINT WINNERS]
  • LSESU Alternative Investments Conference 2016 [JOINT WINNERS]


Most Improved Society

  • Entrepreneurs Society


Media Group: Best Contributor:

  • Oliver Leese [JOINT WINNERS]
  • Suyin Haynes [JOINT WINNERS]



Outstanding AU Member Awards

Alexander Lim Geng Wang (Dance) | Elin Harding (Netball) | George Arwel Bettsworth (Athletics & Running) | Georgia Poil (Netball) | Jagir Chahal (Kabaddi) | Jess Davies (Women’s Rugby) | Joey Callendar-Wood (Athletics & Running) | Joseph Curtis (Men’s Basketball) | Kamran Miah (Boxing) | Krishna Aswani (Men’s Hockey) | Megan Beddoe (Women’s Basketball) | Moritz Schwarz (Volleyball) | Nicola McCabe (Women’s Hockey) | Oli Strong (Snow) | Roísín Bennett-Odlum (Netball) | San Puri (Men’s Rugby) | Sean Hirons (Men’s Basketball) | Tessa Hutchinson (Women’s Hockey) | Tom Carmichael (Men’s Rugby) | Vinod Suresh John (Kabaddi) | Yana Berahavaya (Lacrosse) | Zara Ashraf (Pole Fitness) | Zoe Oakley (Women’s Football)


Outstanding Society Member

Amarpal Rai (Applicable Maths) | Andrew Mitson (Entrepreneurs) | Benedict Sheedy (180 Degrees Consulting) | Cameron Storah (Gaming) | Candy Gan (UN) | Christopher Fairley (Animal Rights) | David (Liwei) Zhao (RAG) | Ella Sun (Drama) | Fathia Begum (Intersectional Feminist Society) | Harish Malhi (Sikh/Punjab) | Harriet Lavin (Penal Reform) | Jaron Soh (Enactus) | Jason Burchard (Graduate Management) | Jayant Uppal (Literature) | Joshua Goldman (Alternative Investments) | Jungwoo Yang (Microfinance) | Laine Caruzca (Enactus) | Lily Chamberlain (Amnesty) | Maria Lavrentyeva (Music) | Minna Hussey (LGBT+ Alliance) | Morgan Jones (Emerging Markets) | Natalie Strange (Itchy Feet Travel & Backpacking) | Riam Mistry (RAG) | Sagar Ghelani (Hindu) | Sang-Min Lee (Korea Future Forum) | Sarah Ku (Film) | Victoria Murphy (Conservative) | Zoe Bennet (Visual Arts)


LSESU: Outstanding Contribution

Adam Crowther | Alice Harrison | Boian Nikiforoff-Kharisanoff Vega | Bryn Laxton-Coglon | Damien Kemfack | Isobel Clare | Jack D’Arcy | Janis Wong | Jasmina Bidé | Josh Seitler | Julia Lawson-Johns | Julia Ryland | Katie Chin | Lena Schofield | Mahatir Pasha | Elena Bignami | Ellen Cooper-Tydeman | Fazeela Jahangir | Hannah Conway | Harry Maxwell | Megan Crockett | Natasha Rodriguez | Oliver Norman | Paul Bernstein | Perdita Blinkhorn | Purvaja Kavattur | Saaber Fatehi | Tayfun Terzi | Tim Win


LSESU: Honorary Lifetime Member

Alex Dugan | Alex Leung | Anna Ling | Aysha Fekaiki | Ellen Wilkie | George Burton | Hari Prabu | James Wurr | Jenny Hovland Johanson | Jon Foster | Katie Budd | Katie Flynn | Lois Mensah-Afoakwah | Mahmoud El Ghannam | Nona Buckley-Irvine | Oleg Kurochka | Rayhan Uddin | Robyn Connelly-Webster | Samiha Begum | Taofiq Akinpeju |


Dev Cropper Memorial Award

  • Tim Win




STARS Awards 2017

Student Training and Awards Recognition Scheme


The Student Training Awards and Recognition Scheme (STARS) is an accreditation scheme designed to recognise well-run, inclusive and fun student groups. There are three standards of awards – Bronze, Silver and Gold – and there are multiple winners for each category.


Application criteria and guidance can be found here . Please remember that we can only accept one application per club and society, if multiple applications do come into the SU for a group we will contact the club or society and ask them to select which application they would like to be judged.

Your 2016 Winners:



Horseriding | Kitesurf & Wakeboard | Lacrosse | Men’s Basketball | Men’s Football | Rowing | Snow | Taekwondo | Triathlon | Women’s Basketball



180 Degrees Consulting | Animal Rights | Applicable Maths | The Beaver | Board Games | China Development | Conservative | Consultancy | CSSA | Economic History | Film | FoodCycle | French | German | Global Brigades | Grimshaw Club | Head Space | History | AIESEC | Investment | Korea Future Forum | Malaysia Club | Microfinance | Northern | Pakistan | Palestine | Penal Reform | Persian | Photography | Politics and Forum | Pulse Radio | Sikh/Punjab | Singapore | Student Action for Refugees



Athletics & Running | Badminton | Boxing | Cricket | Men’s Rugby | Netball | Table Tennis | Volleyball



African Caribbean | Amnesty International | Anime and Manga | Bacchus Friends Wine Appreciation | Baking | Champagne | Debate | Economics | Gaming | Hindu | HKPASS | India | Law | Literature | TEDx | United Nations | Visual Arts | Women in Business



Dance | Men’s Hockey | Women’s Football | Women’s Hockey |Women’s Rugby | Jiu Jitsu



Business and Finance Group | Drama | Entrepreneurs | Intersectional Feminist | Islamic | Itchy Feet | LGBT+ Alliance | Music | Women Leaders of Tomorrow




Frequently Asked Questions


Who picks the winners?

This year there will be a decision panel (made up of your LSESU Sabbatical and Part-time Officers) who will sit down and go through all the nominations for the different categories (Honorary & Outstanding Individual Awards; Campaigns & SSLC Representatives; Community, Halls & Student Fundraising; Sports; Societies & The Media Group) in order to decide the winners.


How will tickets be allocated?

Tickets will be able to be purchased on a first come first served basis, with more information about tickets will sent out to nominees and published on the website closer to the time.


Why bother?

Think of the prestige of being shortlisted and/or winning an SU Award, and having the knowledge that LSE students out there think of you/your group/club/society as a major part of their time at university, giving them a well-rounded and excellent student experience of both LSE and LSESU. If that’s not enough, there's the awards evening, which is the most anticipated event for students to end the Lent Term!


When will STARS results be announced?

STARS results will be announced on stage, at the STARS and SU Awards ceremony on Monday 20th March.


Honorary Lifetime Membership

Honorary Lifetime Membership is awarded to those students who have dedicated exceptional service to improving the student experience at LSE. The following permissions and benefits are granted to those awarded Honorary Lifetime Membership:

  • - Student discount price for the LSESU Gym
  • - Student price for events
  • - Permission to attend and speak at student meetings and events, but not allowed to vote



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