The Societies Awards is a celebration of the most outstanding students and achievements at LSESU. This year we have separated societies from the SU awards to really highlight how much we appreciate the work you do - we are all inspired by the level of work and commitment you bring to your societies! We will be awarding societies that are the most active, most engaged, those who have made real change and those who embody the spirit of LSE and the Union. 

.Make sure you get your applications in for your STARS Applications so we have get a record number of Clubs and Societies recognized for their hard work! Applications will be opening on the 7th February and close on the 13th March. The Criteria for STARS and the support documents can be found on this page.

The Student Training Awards and Recognition Scheme (STARS) is an accreditation scheme designed to recognise well-run, inclusive and fun student groups. There are three standards of awards – Bronze, Silver and Gold – and there are multiple winners for each category.

We encourage all Clubs and Societies to apply for STARS awards as this year the rewards are brand new. It also boosts the profile of the student group making you more appealing to incoming students and potential sponsors!

To be awarded a Star Award you must be able to provide evidence of how your student group has achieved the Category standards outlined below. Each star you earn in each category will equate to a number of points which are outlined below. You total number of points will then determine your overall star award by falling into a range. You must provide evidence for all of the criteria you are applying for and how you have achieved it. If you feel there have been issues that have prevents you from being able to achieve a part of a STAR, please let us know in your application and the Panel will let you know.

Please make sure you upload a completed checklist of the level you think you are and as much evidence/documentation/links/information/photos as possible related to you your STAR application and its criteria so it makes awarding you that much easier!

Awarding ranges

No Evidence = 0 Points

Bronze = 32 - 40

Silver = 40 - 44

Gold = 44 - 50



1. Complete a Volunteering Centre feedback form. (1pt) This will be sent out through ARC staff and the Volunteering Centre

2. Attend a one-off session with the Volunteering Centre (2pt) They will announce upcoming sessions you can attend on their website You Can Book Here

3. Organise one fundraising event for a charity or your student group in each term (3pts) For eample, this could be a fundraising stall or a charity fundraiser with another group.

4. Deliver an outreach or volunteering scheme throughout the year on behalf of your group (4pts) for example, work with the volunteering centre or open up your activiteis to non-LSE to gain experience within the community,


1. Take part in a Student Union campaign (3pts) for example, host an activity during This Girl Can week or Black History Month.

2. Deliver an event with another student group for example, if you are a career society then organise an activity/event with a special interest or academic society.

3. Develop a health or well-being initiative for example, organise an event through the Active Lifestyle or Wind Down Wednesday programme.



1. Host a Give it a Go event in either Michaelmas or Lent term (2pts)

2. Host at least one open social or inclusive social event with your members (3pts) for example, a non-alcoholic based social or an event open to all LSE students.

3. Host one event that targets under engaged student communities into your activity (5pts) why don't you collaborate with one of our Liberation Networks or Part Time Officers?



1. All committee members to have completed all compulsory training modules and admin rights granted (2pts)

2. Complete a promotion form through the LSESU website to advertise your event. You can do this through the promote your group link (3pts)

3. Your student group has completed their annual development plan and had at least one development meeting with the relevant Union Coordinator (3pts) - this doesn't include attending a drop in session.

4. Maintain an up-to-date page on the LSESU website (3pts)

5. Create a hand-over document for the next committee members (4pts) make sure to include your groups' social media and passwords!


We have added an additional section of criteria which can only be completed by the category your student group falls into (i.e. if you are a faith based group, then only complete the two criteria for Faith). This will give you extra points that are unique to your student group.



1. Organise a collaborative activity/event/trip between the society and the course (2pts) You could use the SSLC repts to help organise this.

2. Provide feedback to your SSLC rep about your course to be taken to the Senior leadership team (3pts)

Activity & Special Interest

1. Organise a public competition or event that is open to all LSE students and the public (2pts)

2. Organise a collaborative event with LSESU (3pts). Either through the Three Tuns or Wind Down Wednesday.


Arts & Performance:

1. Organise a show or workshop open to all LSE students (2pts)

2. Get involved with the Creative Network (3pts) e.g. the Creative Network Fair or Festival of Creativity.



1. Organise a skills-based event to develop your members graduate opportunities/interview preparation(2pts)

2. Work with LSE Careers or LSESU to organise a careers based event for students (3pts)


Charity, Campaigning & Political Network

1. Organise a fundraising/political/campaigning initiative with another similar group at LSE (2pts) e.g. This could be a collaborative event through an existing LSE campaign

2. Host an event surrounding a contentious topic (3pts)



1. Collaborate with LSESU and the 1. Faith centre to organise an inter-faith event (2pts)

2. Develop an event/activity to open up your faith to LSE students to educate and raise awareness (3pts) e.g. this could be an event during inter-faith week, or a unique activity that educates LSESU students on different faiths


National & Cultural:

1. Organise an awareness activity/event surrounding your culture (2pts)

2. Organise a cultural showcase on campus (3pts)e.g. organise a cultural showcase open to all LSE and nonLSE students, this could be during a national campaign to raise awareness.



1. Offer a recreational sport programme (2pts)e.g. a weekly social taster sessions for those who want to try the sport for the first time

2. Collaborate with another sports club to host a joint training session (3pts)


Apply or Nominate for an Award Here And click the boxes below to see what awards are on offer with their criteria

- Society of the Year

The Society of the Year will have excelled in developing to its full potential by displaying community spirit, having a high member involvement and regular, popular events. To achieve this award, the society must: have clear aims which have been achieved through their activities, delivered project(s) that support issues outside of their aims such as charitable activities, run a number of initiatives that provide an inclusive and welcoming environment, have had a positive impact on the wider LSE community and has a plan to develop the group next year.

- Best New Society

Must have formed as a society after Easter 2019. Please note that you cannot nominate the same society for the Best New Society and Most Improved Society Awards. To achieve this award, the society must: have set clear aims and have achieved these aims since starting, delivered a number of initiatives to recruit new members, run inclusive and welcoming events, developed an large flagship event/project/campaign and a plan to be sustainable in the next academic year.

- Most Improved Society

Must be an existing group that has made significant progression in the last academic year. Please note that you cannot nominate the same society for the Best New Society and Most Improved Society Awards To achieve this award, the society must: have developed a wider range of activities than last year, engaged more students into the society and its events, developed its aims and objectives, delivered community based initiatives such as charitable activities, run events that create an inclusive and welcoming environment and have a plan to further develop their activities next year.

- Best Society Event

The Event must have taken place during this academic year and be an event that contributed to the positive experience of LSE life for students this not a large conference type event. To achieve this award, the event must: have clear aims, engaged a number of students, and be innovative or unique. The group must also be able to evidence how it was successful and their plan to develop the event for the next year.

- Best Student-Led Conference

The conference must have taken place during this academic year and be an event that has created a platform for innovative discussion and learning around topics as well as engaging influential speakers or external partners to support student experience whilst at LSE and beyond. To achieve this award, the event must: have clear aims, engaged a number of students, have been innovative or unique in its approach to the topic discussed, and engaged a number of influential speakers or external partners. The group must also be able to evidence how it was successful and their plan to develop the event for the next year.

- Best Creative Initiative

Awarded to a group or person who has delivered an exciting creative performance/event/project that represents the best of LSE creative talent. To achieve this award, the initiative must: have had clear aims, delivered a concept behind the initiative, engaged students to participant or attend

- Best Society Trip

Awarded to society who delivered a national or international trip that has enriched the community experience at LSE To achieve this award, the society must: have made the trip inclusive, have clear aims that were met including developing community spirit or educational development, been as open as possible to members

- The Inclusivity Award

This will be awarded to the society who have made the most effort to remove barriers to inclusion and engage with the full diversity of the student body, linking in with the principals of liberation. To achieve this award the person or group must: have delivered effective event/project/campaign(s) that are run committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment, enabling all students to actively participate in campus life. The event/project/campaign(s) must have had clear aims and a strong impact on student life at LSE.

- Best Collaboration

Must be a collaboration that two or more groups have worked on in equal measure, (as opposed to one group leading and involving other groups), during the academic year, . The Collaboration can be a single event or a lengthy partnership. To achieve this award, the groups must: have set clear aims for the collaboration, and achieved success against these aims. The collaboration must also have been innovative or unique and had a positive impact on the wider LSE community.


- Outstanding Contribution to Activities

Societies and Clubs are the lifeblood of the Student's Union and as such this award seeks to reward all those who have made a significant contribution to a society (or a number of societies). To achieve this award the person must have: been significantly involved in a Society or a number of societies, contributed a significant amount in order to help the group(s) develop, and had an impact on the culture of the society or societies they have been involved with.

- Best Creative Contributor

Awarded to the individual who has made the big input into the creative sphere at LSE by contributing to a creative outlet, event, or group on campus. To achieve this award, the student must: have made a number of contributions or an outstanding contribution to any part of the Creative Network at LSESU and had an overall positive impact through their contributions.