The LSESU Microfinance Society aims to promote and raise awareness about the concept of “microfinance”. We achieve this through talks and panel discussions with renowned professionals within the sector, as well as an interactive platform for students called the LSE SU Microfinance Initiative. We as a society also offer LSE students invaluable insight into the work of microfinance institutions as well as providing information sessions for graduate placements and internship opportunities for the chance to make a positive impact in the world. An exclusive advantage for members of the society would include benefits from linking up with other university societies and institutions to gain invaluable experience in non-profit projects in London and abroad.


The LSESU Microfinance Initiative is an interactive platform for LSE students to take part in non-profit projects. Students will collaborate with microfinance institutions to conduct carefully planned research and develop business plans that will positively impact the client. The Initiative is truly beneficial for both students and microfinance institutions through many ways. For students, they will learn valuable consulting, fundraising and project management skills and they will work one on one with professionals in the development field. For the microfinance institutions, they will receive pro bono research service and gain access to our work. Holistically, they will partner with passionate, dedicated LSE students with an exclusive advantage of being situated in London, to aid projects and they will contribute to the professional development of students interested in microfinance. Because the LSE SU Microfinance Initiative is affiliated with the LSE SU Microfinance Society, both students and institutions will benefit from speaker events and informative sessions organised by the society too.


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