The new LSE Maths Society provides a stimulating, challenging, and social experience for those studying maths and those fascinated by it. First and foremost, we aim to improve the social aspect of the Mathematics department, for undergraduates and postgraduates alike.

Many departments across LSE have regular social events - pub crawls, movie nights and balls. We will provide this for our members. Also, as anyone is welcome to join our society, we hope that the connections between Maths and other departments will grow.

As an academic group, we will be arranging regular trips to out-of-syllabus talks, workshops and discussion groups in order to create an academic experience for anyone as passionate about Mathematics as we are!

Another goal of ours is to help exam study. We as maths students understand the strain LSE puts us under, and we all know the feeling of needing help with nowhere to turn. We plan to keep a large log of exam resources for all courses, as well as to be an intermediary for groups of people wishing to start, and join, study groups.

Overall, we’re trying to build a society that can cater to those studying and interested in Mathematics, through both academic support and social events. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, give us a go!


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