Undergraduate Management


The Undegraduate Management Society was founded to bring together the diverse community of undergraduates on the Bsc Management programme, with the wider network of students at LSE who are interested in the subject. The UMS seeks to involve and integrate our members closely with eachother, the Management Department, employers and the wider community in London. 

Become a member of the UMS and you can expect the following:


  1. To integrate and connect with other other people through networking events with undergraduates, the Department, employers and management societies at other London universities.


  1. A supportive undergraduate structure through group study sessions, as well as various workshops on leadership, teamwork, motivation, negotiation and IT skills. 


  1.  Exposure to different industries, positions and opportunities associated with management as well as a collective platform to make informed career and work experience decisions. Expect insight days/ case studies/ position-specific talks and presentations. 


  1. A platform for academic discussion and debate about different branches of management such as human resources, information, operations and strategy and gain insights into their different uses in real-life management cases.


  1. An active variety of social events to unite the undergraduate community and develop wider friendships and academic/professional circles.

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