Negotiation Society

Negotiation Society


The LSESU Negotiation Society has a single overarching objective: turning our members into the best negotiators they could possibly be.  We aim to achieve this rather ambitious aim through two main activities. First, we offer our members an intellectual forum to discuss the art of negotiation. We will regularly host leaders in the art of negotiation – from world-renowned academics to politicians with a plethora of relevant practical knowledge – who will share their experiences with our members.

However, our activities are by no means constrained to theoretical lessons. Indeed, some of our major activities will include regular negotiation trainings to apply and subsequently consolidate all the lessons learnt. The simulations held will mirror business, political and even social settings.

In each negotiation, the two teams will have time to study the case and prepare for their own negotiation tactic. In the duration of 40 minutes, the two sides will try to come up with the solutions and deal for the assigned scenario. Examples of cases include but not limited to: M&A, international trade dispute, compensation, summit meeting, mafias black market transaction, etc. They will be super fun!! 

A series of negotiation trainings and workshops will be provided during MT, and competitions will be hosted during LT. The top performers will have the opportunity to represent LSE to attend some of the great International Negotiation Summits overseas!

We are looking forward to seeing you! 

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