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A newly founded society representing one of the UK's strategic industries and perhaps the most vibrant industry currently. Our objectives are:

  1. To provide a platform through which our members can enhance their knowledge of the industry and key automotive trends.
  2. To explore career opportunities, potentially leading to our members being able to pursue a career directly or indirectly within the industry. 
  3. To enable members to socialise with those who share an interest in automobiles or any aspect of the industry.


Throughout the year we will be offering public lectures from the Institute of Mechanical Engineers, socials, a trip to BMW Mini and trips to car shows, including the legendary GoodWood Festival of Speed.


We also run an Automotive Research Group, which produces articles about automotive financing (equity and bonds), industry trends (electrification, the rise of ride hailing apps etc) and motorsport/manufacturing. 


The fact that we have only recently launched (August 2017) will allow more of our members to take part and us to focus more on what members really want.  


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