Innovation in Space


The space industry is entering a new era. By 2050, it is forecast to have grown ninefold to be worth almost $3 trillion.


LSE ISS focuses on entrepreneurial, economic, business, legal, and governance issues of the space industry. We aim to increase collaboration between students of different disciplines to drive interest, innovation and development in a booming industry.


Falling launch costs, smaller satellites, and synergies with technologies such as robotics and machine learning have democratised and invigorated the space industry. The UK is a prime example, and hosts an impressive selection of space start-ups, traditional industry players, and experts. Based in the heart of London, LSE ISS is strategically positioned to tap into this growing ecosystem, and provide our members with an unrivalled experience.


Join us in the upcoming year to keep ahead of the latest industry developments, attend talks on groundbreaking topics ranging from the economics of asteroid mining to space defence strategies, and join us on fieldtrips to the UK’s leading space-related conferences.

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