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Founded in 2002, the LSE SU China Development Society (CDS) strives to promote a global understanding of China. Our core mission is to inculcate an all-rounded understanding of China amongst our members as well as the wider public. We are the pioneer organisation on campus to focus on issues surrounding China's development and rapidly changing landscape.

We have established ourselves as one of the few highly respected societies on campus with a membership base of over 3000 students, alumni and professionals. We are also in collaboration with many premium organisations including the LSE Asia Research Centre, the Confucius Institute for Business London, the LSE Department of Economics, the 48 Group Club and the China Britain Business Council. 



We aspire to become one of the most influential China-oriented student bodies in Europe and our goal is to nurture and empower the leaders of tomorrow. We believe that through the dedication of every executive committee, our society can eventually build the ideal platform for people to acquire a better and more impartial understanding of China through facilitating free exchange of information and ideas, as well as to prepare those who wish to contribute to China's future development for the challenges lying ahead.


What we do

With a long-standing vision to "Bridge Perspectives and Opportunities", our society has laid a great emphasis on organising intellectually stimulating public lectures, informative corporate presentations, large-scale conferences and networking sessions for our members and the wider public.

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