Founded in 2006, the LSESU Consultancy Society has emerged rapidly as one of the most popular and active professional careers societies at the London School of Economics.

As the sole consulting-focused society at the LSE, our vast membership pool represents the most keen and talented students who are interested in or geared towards a career in Consultancy.

Our mission is to promote consultancy as a rewarding profession, and to equip LSE students with the skills and background knowledge required to succeed in this field. Through partnerships with esteemed industry partners, we ensure that students are kept well informed of the prospects this and the plentiful opportunities presented by this industry. Every year, we are organising numerous events ranging from case trainings, panel discussions, networking events and many more. In addition to our annual flagship Consultancy Conference, we proudly are the hosts and organisers of the LSE Case Competition and the London Case Championship – Europe’s largest cross-university case competition taking place at the LSE.

See below for our committee's details:

Executive Chairman | Marco Kogler |

President | Jian Wendy Yang |

VP Events | Weiqi (Zoe) Wang |

VP Special Events | Rui Lin Ler |

Treasurer | Jie Xi Chan |

Head of Operations | Abdul Aziz Al-Sibaai |

Head of External Relations | Qi (Kate) Zhu |

Head of Marketing | Bowen Liu |

Advising Director | Napat (Yin) Tephabutr |

Advising Director | Ivan (Jonathan) Hitojo |


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