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The LSESU Law Society is one of the largest and most active societies within the LSE, awarded 'Best Society of the Year' at the LSESU STAR Awards 2018, and 'Best Mooting Activities' at the LawCareers.Net Awards, alongside a nomination for 'Best Society Overall'. Indeed, we had over 750 members last year spanning subjects from economics to history. The society is ideal for anyone who is interested in a career in the legal profession. We organise a variety of career events and workshops with professionals from a wide range of legal backgrounds. However our focus is not just on careers, we organise a wide range of outside speaker and pro bono events throughout the year. A main focus of our society is to provide a full range of social events for our members, which culminates in our end of year Law Ball, which last year we held at Banking Hall.

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Personal website: , Facebook: LSESU Law Society, Instagram: lsesulawsoc, Linkedin: LSESU Law Society, Twitter: @LSESULawSoc

Summary of our Michealmas Term 2019:

Looking back on our accomplishments in the past term- from Pro Bono’s fundraising initiatives to Bar and Chambers’s mooting competitions- The LSESU Law Society once again reached remarkable milestones across all its divisions. With over £1000 raised for charity and a new blog launched, the LSE Pro Bono division ended the year with an incredible performance. In Bar and Chambers, the team further developed LSE’s participation in external moots and concluded the term with a staggering number of 11 moots. With a total of 38 career events just in Michaelmas term, our Careers team introduced 6 new events-providing opportunities for both law and non-law members. All the way to the LSE Law Review, our team established new partnerships with Reviews across the UK and hosted events on Constitutional Reform and Academic Publishing. Making our members feel at home, we hosted 2 socials including welcome drinks and Christmas drinks, while continuing our weekly well-being sessions and hosting 2 additional well-being events. With a 20% increase in our social media presence and 8 schools visits done just in Michaelmas term, we further promoted the LSESU Law Society. All the way to Lawyers Without Borders, our team capped the term with 5 pro bono opportunities, 2 events, and 2 publications! Reflecting on our extraordinary performance in Michaelmas term, we are beyond excited to continue providing our members with opportunities above and beyond expectations.

Upcoming Events: 


  • Linklaters Commercial Awareness Workshop

When: Jan 22, 2020 18:00-20:00, Linklaters, One Silk Street


Interested in a career in commercial law? You are invited to participate in Linklater’s Commercial Awareness Workshop to get a glimpse of what to expect on the firm’s assessment day. To sign up, visit:


  • Legal Careers and Languages Talk: A collaboration with the LSESU Modern Languages Society 

When: Jan 29, 2020 at 2:30 PM – 4:30 PM, LSE Central Building, Room 1.06


Interested in finding out about the benefits of being a multilingual lawyer? Come along to learn from multilingual legal experts about how languages can help boost careers in the legal sector.


  • Beyond Borders Symposium: A Collaboration with LSESU German Society

When: Feb 3 at 10 AM – Feb 7 at 11 PM


With guest speakers from the ECJ and ECtHR, the Beyond Borders Symposium marks the collaboration of LSESU Law Society and LSESU German Society. Sign up and tune into keynote speeches, discussion panels, and intimate events on current issues relevant to Germany, Britain, and their role in Europe and the world. To sign up, visit:


  • The Legal Aid Conference 2020: LSE Pro Bono’s Flagship Event

When: Feb 22, 2020 from 9.00 AM - 6.30 PM at the Sheikh Zayed Theatre, New Academic Building


Focusing on issues faced by minorities in South Asian countries (Pakistan, India) and the UK, The LSE Pro Bono’s flagship event aims to provide comparative perspectives on the issues currently faced by minorities in these geographical areas. Join our panels headed by brilliant speakers who are change-makers in their respective areas of expertise. To sign up, visit:

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