Law and Financial Markets

Law and Financial Markets


The Law and Financial Markets Society aims to exploit the gap between students who may not fully understand financial market activity and those who may not fully understand the legal changes affecting the financial markets. It exploits this gap by taking advantage of academic work which focuses on the interaction between law and finance.  The society serves as a platform in which these two types of students meet. It does this by creating an environment which encourages you to engage with world events from both perspectives, no matter how limited or advanced your technical understanding of each discipline is.


Importantly, the society will create a platform for students interested not just in the 2007 Financial Crisis or Eurozone problems, but for those interested in the sustainability of the global financial system. This is something that will require long term study and insight. Membership of the society will provide you with insight that will last longer than your time at the LSE. Through utilization of work by the Law and Financial Markets Project, we invest our members with a unique opportunity to understand how the modern notion of sustainability fits in with what banks do, what society wants them to do, and how financial markets are organised.

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