Insurance: Introduction

The insurance society aims to diversify career opportunities of students by providing them insight into the insurance sector. We promote the industry by increasing students' exposure to the sector primarily by connecting them to insurance professionals through a variety of events.

This year we will be organising:

  • Insurance Conference (inviting speakers from prestigious companies to give an insight of their indistries)
  • Sub-committe election (all students are welcomed to join and the elected members will be able to take part in organising and daily business of the society)
  • CV sharing and checking sessoin (inviting students who have had work experience in large firms to share their experience and CV check will be conducted by our experienced commitee members only for our registered members)
  • Mentorship program (each commitee will take care of a few freshers throughout the whole year, and the committee member will be willing to help whenever you encounter any problem)
  • EXCITING social events (we organise some social events to bring the members together)


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