Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA)

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Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA)

The society is made up of five different divisions -- each plays an important part in helping to achieve our objectives:

The Career division brings a variety of careers-related events from all industry types in order to help students to take the right career paths. It also organises career panels to help students find more internship and job opportunities. In addition, activities like China Inside looks trip will be hold in order to build up awareness of particular business industries among students who want to know better about future career plans in China.

The Charity division promotes charitable actions through organising charity events. Such as the annual Charity Concert, charity sales on Houghton street, volunteer teaching in less-developed rural areas in China.

The Culture division organises talks related to culture, history and various other issues about China as well as providing free Chinese classes, in both Mandarin and Cantonese. This division also organises events such as China week (the annual flagship event) and Chinese New Year Gala to promote Chinese culture, cuisines and customs. It also maintains good relationship with other foreign societies to promote mututal understanding and cultural exchange with them. The CSSA business negotiation team is also managed by our Culture division.

The Marketing division provides up-to-date information about our society events for our members, making posters and advertising related jobs. 

The Social division organises both intra- and inter-social events across the LSE and other universities. It promotes the relations between LSE and other major universities across the UK.

2017/2018 CSSA Executive Committee (elected March 2017):

President: Jiaming Gu

Treasurer: William Wong

Secretary: Yunzhi Chen

Senior Vice President: Lulu Wang

Internal Vice President: Xinyi Liu

Careers Officer: Liaoliang Zhang

Marketing Officer: Xiaofeng Gu

Social Officer: Lingjie Yu

Cultural Officer: Yifen Fan

Charity Officer: Yuhu Li




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