The LSE SU Economics Society is LSE's largest academic society and the only society to be supported by the Economics Department. We have been providing our members with first-class exposure to world leaders, Nobel laureates and the frontier of Economics for years.

We are one of LSE's most active societies, holding over 40 events last year across our five divisions: speaker events, coroporate events, socials, special events (such as our Economics symposium) and research. Our focus is anything related to Economics beyond the classroom. We hold two events every week: Sen Club, where we meet with Academics every week to discuss research and their areas of expertise (which has attracted the likes of Amartya Sen and Jeffrey Sachs in the past year), and our exploring economics seminars, which help curious undergrads explore Economics beyond their syllabuses. We also hold events such as our boat party, regular speakers and meetings with high-profile leaders in Economics and networking opportunities (we focus largely on careers in Economics itself, rather than finance). The Economics Society runs LSE's largest student Economics magazine - Rationale - and we also have an extensive programme of student research opportunities.

Despite our focus on Economics, nearly half of our members are from outside the Economics department, and we have a healthy roster of postgrads and general course students. We believe that we have something for everyone!


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