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The Ecuadorian Society is a student organization from the London School of Economics and Political Science. The aim of the society is to promote Ecuadorian culture in an academic context, creating links between applicants, students and Alumni with the intention to create a network that enables the exchange of knowledge and experiences. In addition, the society aims to promote tourism and investment opportunities in one of the most cultural and environmentally diverse countries of the world, Ecuador.



1. Foster dialogue on policy issues about Ecuador and the Latin American region.

2. Create and strengthen community and networks among current Ecuadorian LSE students as well as those interested in Ecuador.

3. Develop linkages between LSE, through the Society, and Ecuadorian counterparts such as Universities, governmental and non-governmental organizations and private sector.

4. Facilitate the creation of the LSE Ecuadorian Alumni Association.

5. Promote Ecuadorian culture.


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