Ethical Finance

Ethical Finance


The Ethical Finance Society is the largest student society that only deals with finance. We look at ethical questions in finance, such as “Is money evil?”, “How can finance benefit everyone?” and “What incentives are reasonable and appropriate?” from psychological, ethical, and cultural perspectives. In this way we provide a platform for critical discussion about the future of finance and its role in society.

In particular, we analyse the decision processes in the financial system. For this we use the scientific methods of the fields of psychology, philosophy, game theory, finance and others. We give our members a broad exposure to different views, and the opportunity to network with individuals from a wide spectrum. For this we invite politicians, religious leaders, writers, professionals, and academics to our events.

We organise discussions, Q&A sessions, the annual Ethical Finance Conference, as well as information sessions about related topics/careers. Besides that we have movie screenings, in which we analyse the motivations of the protagonists and discuss how ethics in finance is displayed in popular culture (such as in “The Wolf of Wallstreet”). We also have informal breakfasts to discuss related issues, as well as a research division that conducts advanced finance research.

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