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The Tax Law Society aims to broaden the knowledge and experience of its members and to increase the profile of tax law and tax policy at the LSE.


TLS aims to promote the views of students in a number of ways. In particular, students have a vital role in presenting their experiences and research interests in front of their colleagues, getting valuable feedback on their thoughts and exposing the members of the Society to the benefit of our truly global scope.


TLS also engages professionals from other areas: in particular, professors at LSE and other universities, officials at tax authorities around the world, and practising barristers and solicitors are all encouraged to give presentations to the TLS. It is hoped that these opportunities are mutually beneficial: for TLS members, it provides an opportunity to learn more about how areas they study play out "on the ground"; for those coming to lecture, it gives valuable exposure to some of the brightest and keenest young minds studying tax law.


In addition, the TLS aims to provide the occasional excursion to public and non-governmental institutions, such as IFA, the OECD, and HMRC, to see how tax policy and law is really carried out. 


Finally, the TLS presents a valuable resource for alumni of the LSE tax programme to connect with current students, and for current students to make strong professional and social bonds with one another that endure past the LLM programme to professional life.


Past Seminars

For the details of past seminars TLS has conducted, as well as the slides and other resources related to those seminars, please visit our Past Seminars page.


For general enquiries, please contact Amber Attard, secretary general, at


The email addresses for the other members of the executive committee are below:

Héctor Z. Méndez, President:

Hugues Leroux, Vice President:

Jonatan Israel, Secretary:

Ibiturokoemi Lawson, Treasurer:

Constaninos Taramountas, Marketing Officer:

Hanene Zemir, Sponsorship Officer:

Mariam Dadabhai, Sponsorship Officer:

Soledad Ramos, Sponsorship Officer:

Igor Oliveira, Events Coordinatior:

Dana Al-Awami, Events Coordinatior:

Chen Chen, Events Coordinatior:




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