United Nations

United Nations


LSE's Society of the Year, 2018-19

LSESU United Nations Society is one of the largest, most active, and diverse societies on the LSE campus.

By empowering our members with the necessary skills and knowledge about the causes that they are passionate about, we seek to be a 1-stop society to bring about positive change in our communities. We promote the work and values of the United Nations not just through academic conferences that promote discussion and debate through roleplay, but also through volunteering, campaigning, speaker events, career support and transferable skills development.

Whether you're looking to get into Model United Nations (MUN), want to get specialist knowledge about career paths into the UN, or see yourself getting involved in our charity activity throughout the year, the UN Society (UNSOC Family) has got something for you!

Our three divisions (sub-groups)/What we do:

  1. Careers-Corporate: This year, our Careers and Corporate Divisions have been unified into a single unit as many of their activities are largely similar. Career talks, networking events, and case-study competitions. In conjunction with corporate firms, NGOs, think-tanks and UN organisations. Our aim is to equip our members with the necessary skills and expertise for careers in the international relations, political risk and banking sectors.
  2. Outreach: Outreach is dedicated to improving human development through volunteering and campaigning initiatives. LSE Students can join or kickstart a ProStart Scheme which provides members with the necessary resources to lead their own volunteering project for a cause they are passionate about. Through this experience, they will acquire volunteering skills alongside those of event planning, leadership, coordination, communication and many others. Outreach also allows to spread awareness about key global issues and celebrate UN international days. LSE students can participate by joining the organising team and/or by offering their help on the day. In addition, Outreach also hosts training sessions in volunteering and discussion panels on different aspects of the charity sector. In Lent Term of 2017, Outreach launched Human Trafficking Week from February 26th - March 2nd. The project provided a platform for the LSE community to unite to uncover the realities of human trafficking and its effects on its victims. Our societies organised a series of events that included panels, academic lectures from high profile speakers (including Baroness Cox, a member of House of Lords), a documentary screening, crisis MUN conference on human trafficking, and a drama production that explores human rights through theatre.
  3. Model United Nations: Team LSE is LSE’s very own competitive MUN team that trains and completes year-long at Model United Nations conferences across the United Kingdom and the world. Our team undergoes rigorous weekly training sessions and are recognized as some of the best delegates in the Model UN circuit, having recently achieved awards at conferences including Oxford International Model United Nations (OxIMUN), London International Model United Nations (LIMUN), and Harvard World Model United Nations (WorldMUN).

2018-19 Awards: Society of the Year, Gold Star Award, Most innovative campaign (Awareness Week, Outreach Division), and Best Collaboration (Diplomacy Blla, alongside LSESU Amnesty and Grimshaw)

Our Model UN Team, #TeamLSE, is also ranked the #1 MUN Team in the UK.

The world has many issues yet to be resolved, but as we change our world, we change the world. We look forward to you joining our society. It’s a home for all and there is a place for everyone.


Yours Sincerely,


To learn more about the history of our society, visit: tinyurl.com/retrospectiveunsoc

Follow our Facebook page for more info: https://www.facebook.com/lsesuunsoc/


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