Simply said, futsal is a fast-paced, indoor version of football (Fútbol Sala). Originally from South America, Futsal has produced many of the great South American modern footballers who started out on the indoor courts, such as Neymar, Coutinho, Ronaldinho, and more. Futsal has a few major differences with the original sport: five people per team including the keeper, handball-format goals, a smaller and heavier ball, two 20-minute periods per game, and no offside. Because there are only 5 players per team, games are usually much more intense and require a lot of strategy. Wonder what Futsal looks like? Check it out here:

This is the 5th year of the LSE Futsal Club, having participated every year in the BUCS league where we played against other universities such as Imperial College, Queen's Mary, UEL, and more. Last year our Men’s 1st team won the league and our Women’s team were runner’s up. We strive to build 3 really competitive teams; Men's 1st and 2nd teams and our Women's team! Each team will have a training and at least one game per week, with a free fitness session as well for those who wish to go above the call of duty. 

Training Venue & Home Ground: Leyton Score Centre, 100 Oliver Road, E10 5JY


-Womens > Tuesday evenings, 6-8pm

-Men’s 2nd > Wednesday afternoons, 3-5pm 

-Men’s 1st > Thursday evenings, 6-8pm

We expect great commitment and discipline from every player willing to be part of one of those 3 teams.

However, for those of you who do not wish to play competitively but still be part of the best club at LSE, you also have the opportunity to join us as a Social Member. This means that you can attend our social events, occasionally train with the 1st & 2nd Men’s and 1st Women’s (we also run mixed events / sessions) and play in our internal events and friendlies, excluding official competitive games. 

One of the characteristic of the club is its great team spirit, its inclusivity and the numerous social events organized throughout the year thanks to our very active and competent committee. We organize two major tournaments (one each term) open to every LSE student, but also weekly events to maintain a strong cohesion within the whole club.

For 2 years runnings, the LSE Futsal Club travelled to Prague at the end of the year to participate in an international Cup and won 2nd place! After this great experience, we are more than willing to plan an other travel at this end of the year, so get ready to represent the club on the international stage!

Pssst.... The friendships & connections we make here live on in our Alumni Club (who play both nationally & locally here in London). So whether you are a current student seeking to develop your game further, or you have finished your studies do not hesitate to get in touch at (, or you can find us on instagram (@intergenfc).

In any case, we encourage you to come to our stall during the Freshers' Fair  as we will be able to give you more details about the club, the trials and on how to join!

Should you need any more information or will not be able to attend the Freshers' Fair, do not hesitate to contact us: 

Matthew Bedford (Club Manager, 

Jakob Barnwell (Club Captain,

Shevan Da Silva (Club Vice-Captain,

Paul McCormack (Club Secretary,

Marios Yenagritis (Men's 1st Team Captain, 

David Baudry (Men's Team Captain,

Emma Guitera (Women's 1st Team Captain,


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