Established in 2016, the LSE Pool and Snooker Club is one of the up and coming clubs you can join in the SU. During this short span of time, we have expanded our club to over 30 members of diverse background, mounting strong challenges to previous national champions in the process.

As a small club, we pride ourselves on our tight knit community - regardless of your skill level, we promise that you will not regret joining us! 

For beginners, our competitive team players are ever willing to help you improve to the next level and eventually compete with the team. Pool is a sport that does not have a steep learning curve, so you certainly will improve rapidly within a short span of time. Alternatively, if you’re just looking to play casually, many of us are always up for that too! (many long nights have been spent in our resident club, Hurricane Room)

For more experienced players, you will definitely get the chance to compete with the team. We have 3 main competitions during the season, and all of them are held outside of London. We see competitions as fun-filled four day holidays from the LSE grind - who knows, you might even return with a medal in hand. Most of us have looked back and singled these out as our most enjoyable experiences in the LSE.

To sum up, by joining us, you will get:

  • Half price pool and/or snooker play twice a week (Wednesday and Sunday) at Hurricane Room Kings Cross
  • Heavily subsidised competition joining fees
  • A brand new cue on loan to you, free of charge, for as long as you are part of the competitive team
  • Coaching from three time European pool champion, Rico Diks
  • The chance to watch and meet world class professionals (our team met Ronnie O’Sullivan last year)
  • To be part of a tight knit family during your time here in the LSE


Do email Clarence at if you have any queries.


Check out our Facebook and Instagram pages for club updates!


Instagram: lse_pool_snooker

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