Dance: Introduction

Standard Membership gives you access to all of Dance Club’s benefits: discounted weekly classes, payment for all competitions and workshops throughout the year, socials, our shows with free costumes, free classes throughout Easter and more surprises!
Membership Lite is only available to Hip Flop members and does not include subsidised classes.
Associate membership is for LSE Staff and Alumni


7 Classes - If you are taking one teacher-led class
7 SESSIONS - if you are doing BOTH beginners and advanced in one genre
14 Classes - if you are taking 2 teacher-led classes
21 Classes - if you are taking 3 teacher-led classes
28 Classes - if you are taking 4 teacher-led classes

Sessions v Classes
If you are taking Ballet, Jazz or Contemporary BOTH beginners and advanced you need to buy '7 sessions'.
You will be paying for the two classes together at a discounted price.

If you are doing two teacher-led pieces beginners and advanced for both you will buy 2 x '7 sessions' rather than 28 classes
If you are doing two teacher-led pieces, for example Jazz BOTH classes AND Commercial you will buy one 7 Class Bundle and one 7 Sessions Bundle

About the Club
LSE Dance Club strives in every way to provide a platform for dancers in LSE to maximise their potential and to be a part of an amazing family. Everyone is welcome, no matter their dance background, come and join in on the fun!

Our teachers are all professional, experienced and they will inspire and push you. We have a variety of genres to choose from, offering both advanced classes for those wishing to further their dance experience and beginners classes for those who do not have a dance background! There are also opportunities for all members to choreograph, teach classes and take part in competitions.

We embrace the values of self-motivation, versatility, diversity, creativity, and inclusivity. If any of these values resonate with you, the Dance Club is the perfect environment for you to meet like-minded people, hone your craft further or even learn something new.

Our most celebrated event of the year is our Annual Dance Show which is held every March at the Peacock Theatre. The show includes both teacher and student-led choreography. It has been boasted as "possibly the best SU event of the year, if not all time". It represents the hard work of all our teachers, student choreographers and dancers. You do not want to miss the opportunity to be part of one of the biggest showcases in LSE!

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Below is our Lent Term Weekly Class Timetable for the academic year 2017/2018: 

Don't forget to come to our Annual Dance Show: Resonance 2018 on the 12th March in the Peacock Theatre! 

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Annual Show 2009 - Soul Calibre
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2010 Loughborough Dance Competition
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Annual Show 2010- FL*SHDANCE
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Updated Sat 06 Nov 2010

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