Welcome to the LSE Football Club.


We have seven teams that all compete twice every week.  Each of our teams differs in quality, allowing us to provide for all abilities of players and sustain our large member base.  Among our ranks, we have players who have competed at the national level in their respective home countries, as well as those who have played at the regional level, and those who competed in local leagues for Saturday/Sunday league teams.  We have a lot of talent in our club, but we also enthusiastically welcome those who have only ever played casually.  Our club is at the larger end of the spectrum in terms of the number of members.  This means that many of us graduate each year, opening up a multitude of spaces for new members.  For this reason, we urge everyone to come to Trials.


People come to LSE with the expectation that our sporting ability will be lacking compared to other universities.  This could not be further from the truth.  Across the board, LSE is a gifted sporting institution, and the FC proudly boasts a large chunk of LSE's successes.  Perhaps the most surprising aspect of our club at first look is that we manage to put together seven teams with only around 9500 students to work with, just under half of that number being undergraduates.  It is even more surprising to learn our achievements.  In the past two years, the club, collectively, has won 4 league titles, 2 cups, 3 cup runners-up medals, and has achieved 7 promotions.  You can be sure that you will taste success with us.


While our football is, of course, a vital aspect of our club, the social element of the FC is unrivalled.  We are well known for having the largest and loudest turnouts on Wednesday nights – the AU’s designated social night.  We have, without question, the biggest presence as a group.  This is a result of our envied culture and atmosphere.  When you join our club, you join a group of friendly, funny and interesting guys who will welcome and integrate you immediately.  Clubs have tried and failed for years to create as tight knit a group as we have on such a large scale.  You will have a number of events to look forward to throughout the year, including Pub Quiz nights, various ridiculous dress-up nights, AU Ball, Pub Golf, our Club and Team Dinners, and the legendary CAROL.  


So, whether you want to achieve big on the pitch or in the political sphere, or whether you just want to meet a great bunch of lads and have a good time, the FC is the only place for you.

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