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Bowling is one of the most popular competitive sports. In 1930, British anthropologist Sir Flinders Petrie, along with a team of archaeologists, discovered various primitive bowling balls, bowling pins and other materials in the grave of a protodynastic Egyptian boy dating to 3200 B.C. Their discovery represents the earliest known historical trace of bowling. A site in Southampton, England claims to be the oldest lawn bowling site still in operation, with records showing the game has been played on the green there since 1299.

LSEAU Bowling Club aims to provide our members a platform to play bowling, in particular in ten-pin bowling. The aim of the Bowling Club is to promote the sport in and out the school. This club is not confined to ten-pin bowling. Our focus is, of course, to provide leisure sessions for ten-pin bowling. It is hoped to bond everyone in the club, and thereby create a close relationship amongst members. 

With LSE's intense environment, it is not always easy for students to have fun. Bowling alley is no doubt a great place which students can relax and enjoy themselves. As a simple, equipment-free sports, bowling is a great source of entertainment. London is a cosmopolitan city with a highly-paced lifestyle. Ten-pin Bowling is a perfect way for everyone to relieve stresses. Bowling is also an excellent way for people to spend time with others. 

Feel free to contact us through email for more information! We aim to response ASAP!

Facebook group for the Bowling Team:
Facebook page for the Bowling Club:
Email address:

How LSEAU Bowling Club Works:
1) We hold bowling sessions every fortnight during term time.
2) We send emails to our members with the venue and time.
3) Members reply the email as soon as possible to reserve their places to avoid disappointment as places tends to run out very quickly
4) We send out confirmation emails for those who sucessfully reserved their places and they will be guarenteered to play. (Names will be checked before the session start. Those who turned up without reservation may be turned away depending on whether the session is full or not)
5) If you were not able to reserve your place, dont worry! We held our sessions regularly, there will be chances for you throughout the academic year!

We hope you enjoy your time in the LSEAU Bowling Club :)


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