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About Wing Chun

Wing Chun is a traditional Chinese martial art known for being economical, soft, direct and efficient. It is a form of self-defence utilising both striking and grappling while specialising in close-range combat. Wing Chun was developed to allow people to defend themselves even against bigger and stronger opponents.

By employing simple yet clever self-defence methodology and concepts, a practitioner can defend against their attacker and aims in ending the confrontation as quickly as possible. Suitable for both female and male learners.


LSESU Wing Chun Kung Fu Club offers training twice a week during term time, Friday 3 pm till 5 pm in the Badminton Courts and Saturday 3 pm till 5 pm in the Old Gym. Both venues are located in the basements of the Old Building.

We welcome both students and non-students throughout the year at any skill level. Your first TWO sessions will be FREE after purchase of our standard membership. In addition, you can benefit from our members Pay-As-You-Go fees if you fancy a more flexible training schedule. 

  • Standard Membership - £10 

(Includes 2 Taster sessions)

Training bundles for LSE Students are as follows:

  • MT or (LT) training bundle - £28

(This includes 3 months of our training, basically covers the whole Michaelmas Term or Lent Term, manual renewal required at the end of term)

  • ST training bundle - £15

(Cover training during the Summer term)

  • Yearly Training Bundle - £65

(Cover training for whole three terms)


Pay-As-You-Go fees are as follows:

  • £3.50 per session (Members)
  • £5.50 per session (Non-members)


For Non-students, the membership fees are as follows:

  • Term Training Bundle - £40
  • Yearly Training Bundle - £100


Our Instructor: Austin Goh

Austin Goh, Professional Wing Chun instructor, who founded the first Wing Chun School within Europe and has over 40 years of experience in the martial arts.

Having been nicknamed the "Iron Man of Wing Chun", and having been a Head Bodyguard of Qatar, he now seeks to pass on his teachings. Just as the Grandmaster Yip Man, taught Master Lee Shing, Austin Goh was a personal student of Master Lee Shing.

The martial art was founded by the intellectuals, it was studied upon to prevent a marriage from a warlord by a woman named Lim Wing-Chun, having learnt it from the nun Ng Mui after the close observation of the battle between a snake and a crane.

He now wishes to spread the knowledge of Wing Chun Kung Fu with you, passing-on this ancient martial art which has many health benefits, both mentally and physically. Plus, this will be the ultimate chance to learn about self defense, build up self confidence and be active!! 


The session will be divided into two parts, the first part covering meditation (Qi Gong) and the rest for close combat, wing chun techniques/forms and self-defense. (Please come 5 minutes earlier if possible)


Please email us if you have any queries and remember to join us on our Facebook Page LSESU Wing Chun Kung Fu for the latest updates!


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