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Welcome Fair 2019

We are currently taking bookings for the Welcome Fair 2019. Please join our mailing list for more information.

Advertising to LSE Students 


With over 12,000 students based in central London, LSESU is the gateway for brands to promote themselves to the prestigious LSE student community.


Whether on-campus experiential marketing, print publications or digital marketing, We will work with you to tailor your advertising and make sure your brand gets noticed in the LSE community.

About our students

There are over 150 countries represented on campus. With 75% of the student body reporting EU or international status, LSE is a uniquely international and cosmopolitan university.


Alumni and staff at the LSE include 52 past or present heads of state and 20 members of the current British House of Commons. Our current students are the leaders of tomorrow.


Students, the most profitable group in the 18-24 age range, have a high disposable income and a nuanced ability to influence their peers. UK based students form a highly lucrative market, with a combined spending power of over £15 billion and over £6,500 individually per year.

Graduate Recruiters

We welcome graduate recruiters to the LSE Freshers’ Fair. For more information and to book your stall, please contact us via our contact form (above).

For all other graduate recruitment and employer related enquiries, including advertisement in the Beaver please contact LSE Careers


Telephone: 0207 107 5293



If you require any more information or have any queries, please contact us using our contact form below.


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We offer a variety of marketing opportunities tailored to specific brands and organisations.

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