Your Activities and Development Officer, Jack Boyd, is currently working with LSE to update their Drug Policy.

The policy was initially passed in June 2002 (17 years ago), which means it is shockingly outdated. It's as old as some of the new students, who are joining us this year. The question is - does this policy really reflect and take into account the nature of drug use today?

According to the policy, LSE will take ‘appropriate action’ in the event of drug use incidents. Whilst this may sound encouraging, it is a punitive policy designed to punish students instead of protecting them. We think it is important to both educate and reduce harm with drug practices.

We have just launched a survey to understand the behaviours and education surrounding drug use at LSE, to support us with our research, which will allow us to effectively update the current LSE drugs policy. 

Complete the Survey

Please note that we are currently working on an official LSESU Drugs Policy.

Additional Resources

Some good resources for advice on drug use include: