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Hands Off LSE

Hands Off

'Hands Off LSE' is a week of events to raise awareness of sexual violence on campus and further afield. The campaign ran events from the 2nd to the 5th December to provoke discussions about how sexual violence can be tackled and what can be done.

The campaign will also work with the LSE to improve the provision for survivors for sexual assault. 

Find more information on Facebook and Instagram.

Read the UGM motion here and an article from the Beaver about it here.

Students Union Fund

Mental Health Action Plan

Over the past two years, your sabbatical officers have been working to improve one of the most important things about LSE: its academic culture. LSE students are bright and hardworking which is one of the things that makes LSE so amazing, but it can also make you feel like you need to compete with your classmates.

The Mental Health Action Plan contains two strands: increasing funding for mental health support, and removing the causes of an overly competitive environment. We’ve been working with the University to make tangible improvements. Contact your Welfare Officer, David, to see how you can get involved with this campaign.

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Social Mobility

Climate Emergency Collective

The LSE Climate Emergency Collective is a group of academics, staff and students who care desperately about the climate and ecological crisis.

We call upon our institution to recognise this and declare a climate emergency.

We have promised the LSE community that where the School drags its feet, we will take action to return the Climate and Ecological Emergency to the centre of attention.

Event for the next Town Hall on 11 Dec

Email campaign to get involved

Find more information on Twitter.

Read the UGM motion here and an article from the Beaver about it here.


Drug Safety

Your Activities and Development Officer, Jack wants to campaign on drug safety at LSE.

56% of students use drugs throughout their time at University, and a punitive drugs policy does not guarantee students’ safety. Over the course of the year we will be engaging in some research to find out the drug usage and habits of LSE students in a confidential, safe manner. Using these results we wish to campaign for a review of the university’s drug policy and to create an open, safe dialogue about drug usage at university.

The SU also wishes to provide students with drug testing kits.

Complete the survey. 


Voter Registration

Voter Registration 

With an election due imminently, we will be running a campaign to ensure all students are registered to vote.

We will be demonstrating the benefits of being on the electoral registers, highlighting how easy it is to be registered and what exactly legal documents you will need on the day to vote.

LSESU believes that it’s your democratic right to have your voice heard at any election.

Register to vote here.


Student Alliance for Hong Kong

The campaign was launched in response to Hong Kong’s 2019 pro-democracy protests.

It aims to raise awareness & mobilise LSE’s international student body to:

Take action against the inhumane and violent crackdown of the 2019 protests in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

Foster understanding of the Hong Kong pro-democracy movements and its underlying complexities (e.g. ‘One Country, Two Systems’, media representation, international relations, colonial history and identity, etc.)

Engage in peaceful, productive and informed dialogue on the issue of Hong Kong across political differences

Lend international solidarity to Hong Kong in the city’s greater movement to safeguard freedoms of speech, press, assembly, education, and democratic reform

Find more information on Facebook.


Students Union Fund

Study Spaces at LSE

Struggling to find a space to study which fits all your needs? Do you study best in silent study areas? Do you need a space to study with a group? Do you want a change of scenary from LSE for a great study session?

Your Education Officer, Esohe, along with your Postgrad officer, Khadija has worked on reserving spaces for you during the summer term. 

The students' union has put together a guide to make your search for the perfect study spaces just that bit easier this term. 

Come along to the ARC for a copy of the guide. 

Students Union Fund

Your SU. Your Education.

After the success of our exam resits campaign, we want you to tell us what the next big issue you want us to be working on is. Education is one of the most important things about university and as your students' union it is our job to ensure your feedback is being given to the school on you feel about your education.

Your Education Officer, Esohe asked students to give their feedback on areas which the school should be focusing on, this included questions around: Classroom sizes, Teaching support and Spaces.

The survey recieved very high responses and we are now working on the issues which you selected. To find out more, please contact Esohe.

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What's your degree worth?

The UK Government is currently making a lot of changes to Higher Education.

This includes the introduction of the Teaching Excellence Framework which is supposed to improve standards of teaching at universities.

However it is also an opportunity for universities to raise their fees, which they are allowed to do no matter how they score in the framework

Your Sabbs will be providing information about these changes and want to hear from you about what good teaching looks like, and what you think about rising fees.

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Exam re-sits

LSE is the only university in the UK which doesn’t allow students to take exam resits in the summer or autumn.

This means that students who have missed or failed an exam for whatever reason have to wait a full year to retake, sometimes meaning they are held back a year from progressing with their studies.

This can have lots of reprecussions for students, such as visa problems and negative effects on their wellbeing.

Your Education Officer, Jasmina Bidé,  last year lobbyed LSE to introduce earlier re-sits for students. This year, Esohe will continue to work on this.

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Working on a Tier 4 Visa 

Led by: International Students' Officer

LSESU International Officer, Shamayal Hussain, teamed up with the International Students Visa Advice Team and LSE careers to present an informal talk about the changes to the Tier 4 Visa. The talk also addressed how the changes would impact international students after graduation and what opportunities there are after completion of studies.

Blog: A Working Definition  


Green Week

Led by: Environment and Ethics Officer

LSESU Green Week is run by your Environment and Ethics officer, James Slater.

This is a chance to encourage students to live a greener life, love the planet more and celebrate the ways in which we can better improve the future by being more ecofriendly.

This year's Green Week will be held on Monday 5th February - Friday 9th February. We have a jam-packed schedule to come, so watch this space! 

View Green Week 2018




Working Class Launch Network Event

The Social Mobility and Class officer, Sadia, is really interested in the experiences of working class students (both home and international) at LSE.

She’s organising a launch event on 6 November from 2pm-4.30pm for working class students to meet each other over nibbles. You’ll hear stories from Sadia, talk to others about your experiences and finally work on finding solutions to the barriers working class students face at LSE.

The event is ticketed and you can get your free ticket here:

More Details


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LSE has Class 

Led by: Social Mobility and Class Officer 

LSE has Class was a week-long campaign, to raise the profile and celebrate working-class students on campus and beyond. The week consisted of fundraising, academic brunches and a Class conference.

LSESU’s first ever Social Mobility and Class Officer, Jess Elms has been hosting a series of events entitled “Transform LSE”. These events have allowed self-identify working-class students’ to come together and share their experiences as well getting academic advice from LSE Life!

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Black History Month

Black History Month

Black History Month is an opportunity to celebrate the contribution made to our world by those of African descent.

The Education officer, Martha, and the BME officer, Walid, put on a spectacular programme of events for 2019. All students and staff were encouraged to attend.

LSE Catering and Embrace served a variety of African and Caribbean cuisine in the 4th Floor Restaurant.


LGBT+ History Month & Pride

Led by: LGBTQ+ Students' Officer

LSESU's LGBT+ officer encouraged students to come and celebrate gender and sexual diversity at LSE with LGBT+ students during the month of February to celebrate LGBT+ history month!

Gay pride has been celebrated in the Students' Union from 1972.

Pride was designed to celebrate the many different people in the LGBT+ community.

View Pride Week 17/18

View Pride Week 16/17


Building Communities


LSESU Halls Cup

The objective of the Halls Cup is to build an inclusive LSE Halls community through friendly inter-hall competition. Our aim is to get the maximum number of students participating in events, whilst contributing to their wider society.

The competition works by Halls competing with each other to score points based on six themes: Fundraising; Volunteering; Active Lifestyle; Hall Committee event participation; Completion of the annual satisfaction survey and activity in the Halls Sustainability initiatives.

The winning hall will be announced at the start of Summer Term and will receive the trophy, presented by a member of the School’s Senior Management Committee. And, of course, there will be a large cash prize!

Find out more.


This LSE Girl Can

This LSE Girl Can is part of the national campaign aimed to inspire more women and girls to forget the fear of judgement and to get moving, regardless of stereotypes.

This year in week 4, Your Activities and Development Officer, Megan Beddoe, will be supporting the Athletics Union to organise a host of events  to showcase the stength and achievements of the women on campus who are involved in sports.

Events will feature trail sessions, active lifestyle tailor events and female only fitness sessions within this week. There will an exhibition of inspirational women sportswomen at LSE who throughout this week will be celebrated. More information on the weeks events can be provided by Megan Beddoe. 

2018 Video recap

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BME Mentoring Program

Led by: BME Students' Officer

Ever wanted to discuss your University experience with someone relatable? The BME Officer is launching a mentoring scheme aimed at ethnic minority students. If you're interested in being mentored, sign up!

To be eligible you must self-define as an ethnic minority and must be a first-year undergraduate.

Meet our Mentors!




Riham Mansour, your Community and Welfare Officer 16/17 worked to improve support for students wellbeing and mental health at LSE.

LSESU helped students create resources for self-care through the campaigns network . Get in touch with Self Care Aware at LSE if you want to create your own self-care plan.

This year, Daniel Cayford is continuing the important work on making sure student wellbeing is constantly improving. If you would like more information about the wellbeing project, Daniel is more than happy to provide this.

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Disibili-TEA Party

Led by: Disabled Students' Officer

This year Disabled students officer, Faye Brookes Lewis, has created a great event (and pun!) for self-identifying Disabled Students.

Not only is it a relaxed social space with tea, cake and arts and crafts, but it has become a central hub for students alike to meet each other, share experiences and most of all have fun!

Join Disabled Students' Network

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Global Village

Led by: International Students' Officer

Global Village is an annual mini-festival held conjointly by Itchy Feet Travelling Society, AIESEC and LSESU. It is a celebration of all cultures, nationalities, languages and arts!

Global Village is usually held in February of the lent term, held as a one big day, celebration of diversity and cultures, giving all students and societies an opportunity to share and promote their identity.

Please email for more information.

Global Village 17/18


Mature & Part-Time Students Mixer!

Led by: Mature and Part-Time Students' Officer

LSESU’s Mature and Part Time officer, Jennifer Cutcliffe has strived in creating a sense of community for Mature and Part Time students’ at LSE, by hosting focus group brunches and working closely with the LSESU Mature Students society.

This year, Jennifer teamed up with mature student representatives across London (King’s, SOAS and LSBSU) to deliver the first ever London-wide social mixer!

If you are a mature and part-time student at LSE and want to get involved, check out the links below!

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Join the network



Postgrad Officer


Your Postgraduate Students Officer will be elected during the elections running from 28-31 October. Ensure your voice is heard and vote during the voting period. Check the Elections page:




Postgrad Dissertations

Your dissertation is the peak of your Masters degree however many postgrads feel they are not getting adequate support from LSE.

There is a huge variation in the support and information given between departments and supervisors. Last Year, Sarah Castellanos, launched a survey to find out what key problems postgrads are facing and how dissertation support could be improved.

The year your Postgraduate Officer, Khadija Ahmed will be continuing to lobby the school to improve and centralise dissertation support provided for Postgraduate students with results of the survey.

We are always looking for more evidence to bring to the school, your experience is valuable in helping to improve the support given to all students. Send Khadija your dissertation experience.

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