COVID-19 has had an unprecedented impact on the student community and we understand this is a scary time for many. Exams are tough enough without factoring in a pandemic and so we’re working hard to ensure LSE acts in your best interests.

Please check back for regular updates regarding our services, the work we're doing to support you and any other important updates. If you have any urgent queries relating to our services, please do not hesitate to contact

Last update: 28th May, 2020 at 6pm (BST)

What are we doing for our students?

We are currently collecting student feedback (via our online form), as well as supporting our SSLC representatives to advocate for their peers at a departmental level.

The Sabbatical Officer team are receiving weekly briefings so that they can establish how they wish to approach the concerns students have raised. The actions taken so far are:

  • The Sabbatical Officer team has written an open letter to the LSE Directorate
  • Following the open letter that was presented to LSE, we have received further student feedback. As a result, we will also be lobbying LSE to instate a safety-net policy for its intermediate and final year students whereby, intermediate and final year students will be awarded results for their modules at the same, or higher level than in their previous year of study. This will ensure that students are not unfairly penalised for poorer performance in the 2020 assessment period based on the current and unfolding COVID-19 pandemic.
  • The Sabbatical Officer team has written a letter to Sanctuary Students with concerns around rent payments for LSE students at Lillian Knowles
  • The Sabbatical Officer team have written a letter to LSE Directorate with concerns related to Sanctuary Students and a call to support the students residing in those residences with refunds.
  • Engaged in numerous conversations with LSE management and Academic Registrar's Division, which have been informed by your feedback via our online form, emails and letters.
  • Encourage students to consider submitting an Exceptional Circumstances form - full details in your Education Officer's latest message.

The Sabbatical Officer team and Advice Service are providing some useful tips and advice which can be found on our Tumblr page or below.


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Student Blogs

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LSESU Services Update


Please note that we are currently working on a limited service, whereby some of our staff have been furloughed to ensure we are able to financially support our staff and the organisation. In the event you are trying to contact a member of staff and are unable to reach them, please contact

Saw Swee Hock (SAW):

The LSESU services at Saw Swee Hock will be closed from Thursday 19th March, 2020 until further notice:

  • The Three Tuns Student Bar
  • Denning Learning Cafe
  • Weston Vegan and Vegetarian Cafe
  • LSESU Gym
  • LSESU 3rd Floor Reception
  • LSESU Events Service

The remaining LSESU services will continue to function remotely, including (but not limited to):

  • Advice Service
  • Club and Society Support
  • Campaign Support
  • Funding Support
  • Finance

Advice Service:

Our Advice service will continue to operate remotely. Please email providing as much information as possible so our advisers are able to support you.

Club and Society Support:

There will be no drop-in services until further notice. Our staff are committed to providing you with 1:1 support regarding your activities - please email for any general queries.

The Societies team will be coordinating telephone meetings. To book in a meeting with the team, please email the member of staff you want support from with the following information:

  • Your Society
  • Description of your query
  • Your Mobile Number
  • Times you are available over the next 24 hours for a 15 minute phone call between 10am to 4pm, Monday to Friday

The Societies team will aim to get back to you within that working day to arrange a phone call meeting with you. They may also be able to provide a virtual meeting (please specify if you would prefer this).

Note – The Societies cupboard can no longer be accessed until further notice.

Support and Information

For any medical assistance in relation to coronavirus, please visit the NHS 111 Online website page.

The latest healthcare and government advice can be found via Public Health England and World Health Organisation.

To find out the latest updates at LSE, please visit the Schools Coronavirus FAQ's page.

For any independent advice on the impact of your studies, please contact our Advice Service, who are also able to provide information on our hardship fund.

I have a concern about my individual situation.

Our Advice Service is operating remotely and can advise on matters relating to your individual circumstances, such as financial hardship and housing matters.

I want to start my own campaign.

This may not be the time for protests but our Campaigns Coordinator is still on hand to provide remote support and guidance on campaigning. You can find more details on our campaigns hub page.

I want the Students’ Union to campaign on a particular matter.

Our democratic processes are open as usual! Take a look at our UGM (Union General Meeting) page for more information on passing Union policy.

I want to keep in touch with students at LSE.

There are a number of ways to do this - you can join our Facebook Groups (Undergraduate, Postgraduate, PhD, BME Network, International Students' Network).

Follow our LSESU Social page to find out about all of our virtual events that you could join in on (we're running a regular Quiz show, Virtual Fridays at Three Tuns, DJ sets and much more!).

Follow any of our social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube) to get regular updates and see if you can spot any of your fellow friends on there!

I'm having technical difficulties with submitting/uploading my assessments

You can find the full details on how to submit or upload your assessments on Moodle. Please note, if you continue to experience technical issues you can contact the IT service desk by email at They are actively prioritising any technical issues related to assessments.