Join the campaign to reduce food waste in the UK.

Tackling Food Waste: No country in Europe wastes as much food as the UK. End food waste!

What is SAVE FOOD?

We are determined to end food waste in the UK. £17 billion of food is thrown away in the UK, we want an end to this waste which could be feeding people well and not ending up in the landfill. Food waste is a social and environmental issue, we want our communities to be greener and fed! SAVE FOOD Project is where we take direct action and intercept food waste from eateries around LSE Campus and redistribute it those most in need at Lincoln's Inn Field. We get food donations from high quality cafes in the Strand area, who stand in solidarity with our London community to ensure food is feeding bellies not bins!

How to join SAVE FOOD campaign?

Join the Facebook group: Sign up for a session on the Google Doc and get weekly updates from other volunteers through the WhatsApp group.  Contact the Key Contacts to join the WhatsApp group. On your first day please notify the WhatsApp group so an experienced volunteer can mentor you!

Upcoming events

Green Feast

During LSESU's Green Week - 9th February, 5:30-20:00, 1st floor Cafe.