Green Week 2019 LSESU

Green Week is here to celebrate all things environmental - exploring what it means to be eco-conscious, and discovering the ways in which small changes to our lifestyles can impact the future of our planet. This week is a collaboration between many societies around campus. The week is jam-packed with activities for you to get stuck in to!

There will be a chance to attend panels with experts in the green industry, take action and make a difference in the local community, and relax with an eco-friendly film screening. You can branch out at Animal Soc's Social Mixer and find like-minded pals, or take a leaf out of Beekeeping Soc's book and bag yourself some free beer at the Hiver product launch in Three Tuns. There's also many opportunities for you to roll up your (green) sleeves and get stuck in off campus and get active. Unleash your inner gardener while volunteering at Greenwich Ecology Park, or get fitter while picking up litter on Thursday's Active Lifestyle 'Plogging' session.

Green week is the perfect chance to champion conservation at LSESU, at a time where engaging in an eco-firnedly lifestyle is more important than ever. Join in, have fun, and find out how you can do your bit for the planet. 

Calendar of Events