NSS Pledge





Student feedback is important—it tells the LSE very clearly what your time here was like, and it helps LSE Student Union work on improving future students’ educational experience. It’s also just great to get some things off your chest.


Every year, 3rd year students throughout the country are asked to fill out the National Student Survey (NSS) to give comprehensive feedback on their time at university. This feedback is theoretically used to tell future students about the experience at the university, and get the university to change (or know what they’re doing great at). This is especially important at LSE-- its no secret that LSE has one of the lowest satisfaction rates in the country.


BUT, this year the government is using this feedback as part of the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF), allowing universities to increase fees and ranking universities bluntly, as either gold,silver or bronze. THE SU doesn’t believe feedback should be used against students—it should be given freely and honestly, without fear of decreasing the value of your degree or of increasing student fees for future generations of students.


So, we’re asking third year students to pledge NOT to fill in the NSS, and fill in this LSE specific survey instead which we will present to the School.


By NOT filling in the NSS, you prevent the government from using your feedback to shape TEF, a rubbish policy which only increases fees and does nothing to increase investment in Higher Education.


Have you already filled in the NSS? Don’t worry you can withdraw here. Don’t forget to include your name and course in your email.