Rising Tuition Fees


Tuition Fees  

Tuition fees for home and EU students have trebled in the past four years with the introduction of £9,000 fees in 2011/12. This has been linked with the reductions on public spending higher education have received meaning that universities are more reliant on fees as a form of income than ever before.


The UK Government has agreed to allow universities to increase their tuition fees for home and EU students by inflation, but this is dependent on the score they receive from the Teaching Excellence Framework.


The Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) is a model to measure the teaching quality in institutions, if universities do well in this, then they can raise fees.


While raising tuition fees by inflation may currently only be by incremental amounts, future modelling (if inflation is based at 2.5%) has shown that by 2020, home and EU fees will be over £20,000. And, if inflation increases (with the Bank of England predicting inflation may rise to 4%) this could be even higher.


LSESU View on Rising Tuition Fees


The Students’ Union opposes increasing tuition fees for any students. We believe that higher education is a public good that should be primarily publicly funded. The ever increasing cost of higher education presents serious problems for reducing inequality in society.


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