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Creative Network x LSESU

The LSE X CN. Visual Arts Exhibition. VOL.1 is a celebration of the works from the talented LSESU Creative Network. So much creative talent exists at LSE that you don’t know about, so we’re here to ensure it gets the exposure it deserves through this wonderful exhibition. The CN is a student-led committee striving to celebrate arts on campus, foster collaboration between creative individuals and societies, and build an inclusive community of inspiring minds at LSE. Click on the artists to view their work.

Meet the amazing artists

Grace Clarke


2nd Year, Social Anthropology

WHY DO YOU CREATE ART? It’s fun ! A lot of thought goes into the process of making work- I think people can see that and I like to make people smile :)

HOW DO YOU CREATE ART YOUR ART? I am a very messy worker. Working through the processes of making, critiquing and evaluating your work can be tedious… so surrounding myself with things, people and pieces that push me further is always helpful.


Jason Reed

Izabella ishiyama

3rd Year Economic History

WHY DO YOU CREATE ART?: To relax because when I create art I can forget about everything else. 

HOW DO YOU CREATE YOUR ART? If I wanted to relax then I would just paint whatever comes up in my mind. If I want to convey a message, then I plan first and decide what symbolisms and colours to use. 

BIGGEST INSPIRATIONS: Fintan Whelan, Gustav Klimt, Salvador Dali, Rene Magrite


@indivisuals.jpg @architecture_heaven_

Jason Reed

Jack bisset

3rd Year Philosophy

WHY DO YOU CREATE YOUR ART? My aim when I paint is to externalise the impression made by somebody on me.

HOW DO YOU CREATE YOUR ART? I produce close, bust-length, individual portraits in oils on canvas boards. I use flat/bright shaped brushes, at 3-7mm length, for the body of my paintings, and very small round brushes for the details. 


The primary inspiration for my paintings are the people around me, and my thoughts and feelings towards them. 

Grace Clarke


1st Year International Relations 


I create art because I think the visualisation of something is the most interesting way to understand it, and as you manipulate it you gain different and often more information than the written word alone.

HOW DO YOU CREATE YOUR ART? My art is mainly digital so I spend a lot of time with the Adobe and Apple suites, but in these collages, the drawings were drawn on then vectorised to reprint and I have a love for developing photographs too.


I think the biggest inspiration for me still comes from the book The Modernist.


Jason Reed

Sangeeta Santha

Final Year LLB Law


I create art because expressing thoughts, feelings and experiences help process my truth and others’ truths. I see poetry as short songs, connecting all of us in a melodic and rhythmic way.

HOW DO YOU CREATE YOUR ART? I create my poems by writing prompts. This could be an emotion, colour, object or a life experience. Also, analysing behaviours when people-watching can be an interesting prompt (I am not a creep btw, promise!)


My inspirations are life experiences, Maya Angelou and Beyoncé.


Steve Jones


2nd Year International Relations & History

WHY DO YOU CREATE ART? Taking pictures is a means to express feelings, materialize some atmospheres, freeze time and movement to focus on some details often overlooked.


HOW DO YOU CREATE ART?    I mainly use my analog cameras, it’s thrilling to manage the whole process of pressing the shutter button, get my pictures processed and scanned and eventually edit them.

BIGGEST INSPIRATIONS: People around me inspire me every day, their facial expressions, their habits, I try to focus on the tiny details, this little blink or this small gesture. 




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