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We have more than 250 sports clubs and societies bringing LSE students together – from faith, cultural and academic societies, to fundraising groups and student media - there’s bound to be something for everyone.

Environmental Hub

Whether you're a budding environmental activist or branching out into being eco-friendly for the first time, the Environmental Hub is the place to keep up with the latest news about environmental activism on campus.

Sustainability Societies and Campaigns 

These LSESU societies that have environmental activism at the heart of what they do. Joining a society or environmental campaign is a great way to engage with a network of environmentally like-minded people. There are a number of societies that are directly focused on sustainability issues and some that cross over with environmental issues. Regardless of which society you choose, you’ll meet great people and contribute to making LSE more green-minded.

We encourage all of our societies to make sustainable choices, and all societies have the chance to earn a bronze, silver, or gold leaf for their environmentally-friendly efforts. We reward our most committed societies at our Societies Awards, find out more here



Sustainable Futures

The Sustainable Futures Society works to increase the sustainable practices of the LSE by working jointly with staff and students on environmental initiatives. It administers the Sustainable Projects Fund that gives out funding for projects to increase the Sustainability on Campus.

Click here to join or check out the facebook page.

Animal Society

The Animal Society is a family of animal lovers, a community of conscience, and a place to foster and spread awareness, discussion, and social change. During the year it organizes socials, movie nights, interesting talks and even animal sanctuary visits! If you love animals (and who doesn't), join them!

Click here to join or check out the facebook page.

Beekeeping Society

If you want to learn how to work with bees through hands-on visits to our hives on Connaught House, join the LSE SU Beekeeping Society! Throughout the year the society hosts events to raise awareness about the importance of bees, and hive visits take place with a professional bee-keeper weather permitting.

Click here to join or check out the facebook page


EcoSoc's aim is to incentivise individuals and organisations to become more sustainable in their everyday life and care for their environment, through a series of interactive, fun, and educational activities. 

The society campaigns on a range of environmental issues and holds regular screenings, panels, and socials. By organising debates about sustainability, reforestations, beach cleanings, vegan cooking challenges, conferences centralised on the environment, eco-career events, and many more, it is familiarising its members with the benefits of having a sustainable approach to life whilst providing them with the equipage they need to make this change. 

Marine society

Are you interested in the ocean? The Marine Society brings together all ocean lovers, marine conservationists, scuba divers, shark enthusiasts and BBC Blue Planet fans to learn about and protect the precious underwater world!

Aims are to:

  1. Increase awareness of the coastal and marine environment and its importance

  2. Engage with the student body on coastal and marine topics (e.g. reef reconstruction, shark conservation, climate change resilience, beach cleanup, plastic-free oceans)

  3. Provide a diverse range of coastal and marine-related activities (e.g. The Ocean Film Festival)

  4. Be a platform for exchange on the conservation of coastal and marine environments


The society also looks to arrange sailing and scuba diving trips in future, which you could be a part of. 

Click here to join or check out the facebook page.


Energy Society

The LSEES brings students with interests in the Energy industry together, with the mission to provide its members with the knowledge, skills, and network to develop successful careers in the multifarious Energy-related industries. 

Events’ include 

  • career-related workshops and networking events

  • insightful lectures from leading academics, professionals and politicians

  • the now traditional end-of-year G3 Energy Summit (in partnership with UCL and Imperial College)

  • Field trips

  • Socials!

These working groups allow every member to go beyond the facts and sharpen their skills and knowledge in a collegial manner, benefiting from first-hand information and others' experience. Your involvement is highly welcomed!

Click here to join or check out the facebook page.


Geography and Environment Society

Are you interested in learning more about the world, with fun and interesting people? Then the Geography and Environment Society may be for you! The society organises discussion, debate and awareness about Geography and Environment through fun social activities such as pub quizzes, visits to places of Geographical and Environmental interest, The Annual Winter Ball and field trips! It enables LSE students to share their ideas and interest about Geography and Environment and build lasting friendships. 

Click here to join or check out the facebook page.




The Beaver

The Beaver is the official newspaper of LSESU and has a strong tradition of hard-nosed intelligent reporting. The link above directs you to any environment-related articles that have been written by The Beaver.

Green Flash

Sign up to receive LSE’s monthly sustainability newsletter ‘Green Flash’, for the latest updates on sustainability at LSE and how to get involved! Click here.


Check out Earthrise, the first student-led environmental journal, which publishes seasonal issues of earth-themed articles.

Earthrise Journal

Earthrise Facebook

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