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Committee Induction

Being a committe member comes with many responsibilities and along your journey you will have lots of fun, meet lots of people and gain new skills. The LSESU Societies & Sports Team are here to help you along the way.



All groups must re-register their new committee for the coming year. This lets us know that each group has a committee in place to ensure it can be run properly. By completing this, you are letting the us know who your new committee is. They will then be added to the mailing list and receive a welcome email to guide them through the next steps.

Group registration form(Opens in new tab)

Committee Communications

Join the relevant Committee Facebook Group below to get all the latest communications and updates from the team! 

Society Committee Group(Opens in new tab)

Sports Club Committee Group(Opens in new tab)


1 - Complete online training modules for your role profile.
The online training hub will provide you with a combination of compulsory and recommended online learning courses covering a range of topics related to delivering clubs and societies.
Find your role training guide here. 

2 - Attend the Committee Leadership Conference (Monday 7th - Thursday 17th June)
The Committee Leadership Conference takes place at the end of summer term, and aims to give Student Group Committee members the necessary skills and information to allow a smooth start for their society at the beginning of Michaelmas term. There is a jam packed schedule with flexible options for attending. 

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It is important that you receive a handover from the outgoing, previous committee. We have already advised them to do this and save a copy in your group admin folders. If you havent got one already - Contact them ASAP.


Every LSESU Club and Society is provided with a free email to use for running the group. This should have been handed over to you. If it hasn't, more information can be found on the Using Your Email Page.


20/21 Expense deadline is Monday 5th July. Make sure you tell members to submit before then! Find out more about group finances by completing training and downloading the EXP365 app to view your society/club accounts.


Every group has a set of core legal documents they need to complete to be a ratified group of the Students Union. Get your checklist and Information on Committee Hubs.


Development Plan

Every group should complete a Development Plan for the year to outline what they want to achieve and how their year is going to look. You can find the template document here on committee hubs. Please complete and submit a plan before your booked development meeting. 

Development Meetings

We will be holding 30 minute development meetings via Zoom from 1st July - 31st August. Please book your Development meeting by email Every student group should have a development meeting and meet one of the team to discuss their plans. 

Setting Membership

Each group has to have a membership to enable students to join their club or society. You will need to base your membership off what activities you can deliver. All groups must submit a membership plan and amount by 21st July for the coming year. We have created guidance to help you decide on your membership structure over the coming year. Find out more here.


 Buy Your Membership & Gain Admin Rights

Even though you have re-registered your club or society, there are a number of steps you must complete before your group is fully approved to continue into the next year. Here are the steps you must take to ensure you can operate fully under the Students' Union. Groups who do not complete these steps will not continue into the next academic year.

  • STEP 1 - All committee members must purchase their membership after the 1st August
  • STEP 2 - Complete an admin rights request form


Welcome Festival

All fingers crossed that the pandemic will allow us to return to a level of normality by September. Being hopeful but careful, we have decided to deliver a week long welcome festival in week 0 (Monday 20th - Sunday 26th September). More information will be released over Summer.

Give It A Go

We will be delivering the GIAG programme for new students in Week 1 of Michaelmas Term (27th September - 3rd October). The purpose of the programme is the introduce new members to clubs and societies through welcome events. We expect all groups to delivery at least 1 welcome event and submit their event form by the 31st August. 

Risk Assessments

A number of groups must complete an annual risk assessment for their annual activity if the group is deemed medium to high risk. These must be completed and submitted by 31st AugustFind out here if your group needs a risk assesment and further guidance on completeing & submitting your assessment.

Other Important Information

Sports Club Specific Actions

Sports Clubs that are looking to hire external coaches/instructors or external facilities, will need to fill in the relevant contracts. DO NOT sign off the contract yourselves. A LSESU Staff Member must sign off the contract on behalf of the club. All information here

More information regarding applications for Facility Hire in the Old Gym/ Badminton Courts will be released shortly.

Society Committee Specific Actions

Usually, our societies would begin planning their events, conferences and summits for the coming year which would include room booking rights for LSE spaces. Because of the COVID Pandemic things may look different next year regarding large events. We are still designing guidance providing further updates in the first few weeks of July.

Sub-Committees & Ventures - We know alot of groups have a number of ventures and large projects that involve sub-committees. In past, the union has not provided any guidance around these. Groups now have to register a sub-committee for projects and ventures to be approved by the Students Union, and then those members have to register thier details. More information on this will be released next week here.

Full Checklist & Timeline


Task Action Group Required Deadline
Registration Fill out registration form to officially register your club for the year All Clubs & Societies 6th June
Online Committee Training

Complete your core modules online

All Clubs & Societies 14th June
Club & Society Email Gain Access to your email All Clubs & Societies

1st June

Committee Conference Attend the training introductions, sessions and workshops.  All Clubs & Societies 7th - 17th June
Handovers Receive a handover/ complete by previous committee All Clubs & Societies 1st - 31st June
Finances Submit outstanding expenses from this year All Clubs & Societies

5th July

Development Plan Complete a Development Plan All Clubs & Societies June - July
Development Meeting Book and attend a meeting with an SU coordinator All Clubs & Societies

1st July - 31st August

Memberships & Prices Submit a membership plan Societies Only 21st July 
Constitutions Complete and Submit All Clubs & Societies 31st July
Risk Assessments Complete and Submit Specific Groups 31st August
Sub-Committee & Ventures 
Registration Form
Complete and Submit Societies Only 31st August
AU Grant Applications Complete and Submit Application Clubs Only 

29th July - 22nd August

Old Gym/ Badminton Court Booking Request Application Complete and Submit Application Clubs Only  29th July - 22nd August
Coaching Contract Complete and Submit  Clubs Only  31st September
External Facility Hire Contract Complete and Submit Clubs Only  31st August
Give it a Go Complete and Submit All Clubs & Societies 31st August
Purchase your new membership Complete and Submit All Committee Members 1st Aug onwards
Request Admin Rights Complete and Submit All Committee Members After Purchasing Membership
2021 Conference Event Form Complete and Submit Societies Only 31st August

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