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A student group getting a group photo taken on a trip to a mountain range

Core Documents

Each year there are a number of documents you'll need to review and submit to the LSESU. Some of these are compulsory while others are dependent on what you group actually does.

Check documents

Check out the areas below to find useful downloads and resources to support your group in reviewing the content. If a document is compulsory, you'll need to do this. If a document is dependent, you'll need to think about whether or not this is relevant to your group's activities - for example, if you don't have coaches then you don't need to worry about coach contracts.


Document Download Compulsory / Dependent

Society Constitution(Downloads Word document)

Club Constitution(Downloads Word document)


Handover Template(Downloads Word document)

Development Plan

Society Development Plan(Downloads Word document)

Club Development Plan(Downloads Word document)

Annual Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment Template(Downloads Word document)


Review documents

The Students' Union is legally required to have a copy of the core documents associated with each student group. You can find yours on the LSESU Google Drive.

Google Drive

Submit documents

Once you have reviewed and amended your documents, please send to or 

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