Daniel Cayford

Community and Welfare Officer 2017–18




Unity in the Community!

We are a university full of brilliant individuals. Yet, we rank LAST for student satisfaction. It is clear - We need more “Unity in the Community!"


As a Halls C&W Officer, and LSE’s go-to photographer, I speak with students from all over campus. Rather than ‘boxing’ people into minority groups, I will share the diverse stories of LSE. Uniting and supporting each other, through understanding.


What’s your LSE legacy? A piece of paper, or a network for life?


LSE, Meet One Another:

  • * Student-led events direct to your phone
  • * Strengthen student-led SU Media – independent voices
  • * Improved collaboration between Chinese communities and SU network
  • * Face to face C&W for everyone

LSE, Meet London:

  • * Group-discounts to events, food and adventures.
  • * ‘LSE Presents’ – The Venue, a space for talent
  • * UoL – joint Society events and AU varsities.

LSE, Remember Halls?

  • * Stay part of your community, even after moving out. Reconnect (and party!) with your halls network.
  • * Postgrad inter-halls network.

LSE, empowering you:

  • * Turn LSE’s world-class mental-health research into world-class provision.c
  • * Changes to Hardship Funding
  • * Social Mobility Part Time Officer

LSE, environmentally friendly:

  • * Lobby with Mayor to improve air quality!
  • * Vegan options