Community and Welfare Officer


Riham Mansour



Riham Mansour

Community and Welfare Officer 2016–17


Hello there! My name is Riham. I am the Community and Welfare Officer here at LSESU and I am currently finishing my MSc in International Political Economy.


If you have a question about mental health, liberation groups, or anything regarding your wellbeing at LSE, please get in touch using the details on this page, or drop by the SU office for a chat.


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If Anyone Can, It's Riham



I’ve been highly engaged with the SU this year as a postgraduate student. While I’ve had an amazing experience, it’s evident that the SU needs to work harder to have an inclusive community.


I will lobby the school to:



Secure funding for resolving the attainment gap and tangibly give BME students resources to empower themselves.

Separate and recognize the differences between different BME communities at LSE.



Higher attention towards postgraduate/PhD-only events.

Lobbying for postgraduates to have Wednesday afternoons off to improve participation in clubs and societies.

Connect postgraduates across departments to build the postgraduate community.



More events such as LSE Boxing Club’s ‘Punch Like a Girl’ and the AU’s ‘Tackling Sexism and Homophobia in Rugby’, by providing funding and empowering clubs.

Provide counselling initiatives towards AU students.



Lobby the school for the allocation of more resources towards mental health services on campus.

Integrate existing mental health services better and allocate more attention towards advertising them.

Initiatives to remove stigmatization towards mental health.